Smart Classes

Among the many facilities provided by Surendranath Centenary School, a new portal of learning was opened to the students of classes IV to VIII on the 17th of July 2014 by introducing the Smart classes that uses a software Edustrokes developed by the famous cricketer, Mr. Kris Srikant. This is a unique and novel tool which very creatively uses the medium of sports to teach subjects like Mathematics and Science.

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The introduction of these classes have made the learning of these two subjects, Fun, as the underlying principles of Science and Maths are not explained by using conventional methods of ‘chalk and talk’ anymore, but by visual images associated with sports like cricket, basketball ,chess, and tennis. Complex concepts of these subjects are thus made easy to understand and remember as the images that are used are very creative, humorous and interesting. Mr. Srikant occasionally shares his expert views that help the children to understand even better.

School Conveyance

The school maintains a number of buses for transport of students on payment of a monthly fee. The transport fee must be paid regularly every month along with Tuition Fee to help the school maintain the transport system in a proper manner. All care is taken during transportation but the school does not accept any responsibility for accidents that may occur in route. Students should attend the designated bus-stop at least 10 minutes before the appointed time to ensure they do not miss the bus. A student can be deprived of using the school transport if found creating indiscipline. A month's notice must be given for discontinuation of bus facility. This will, however be acceptable up to 31st September only. No request for withdrawal of bus facility will be accepted thereafter.


Bus Rules

Students must obey the instruction and guidance of the Bus Driver/Conductor.

No part of student's body (Arm, Head etc.) should out of the window at any time.

No objects should be thrown outside the window or inside the bus.

Students are not permitted to move from their seats while the bus is in motion.










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