bullet Attendance and Regularity

Punctuality will be strictly enforced and school gates will be closed after assembly. Latecomers will be allowed to attend classes only on obtaining permission from Principal. Pupils absent, even for a date, must bring a letter from their parents stating the reasons for absence before they are allowed to attend class. It is compulsory for a pupil to attend school on the last day before vacations begin & also on the first day when the school reopens after Summer, Puja & Winter vacations.

Pupils suffering from any contagious disease should not come to school until they are fully recovered along with a fitness certificate from doctor Minimum quarantine for

  • Mumps : 7 to 10 days
  • Measles : 7 to 10 days
  • Chicken Pox : 14 to 20 days


Upper Kindergarten to Class XII - 07:40 to 13:40 Hours.
(Including an Intermediate break of 25 minutes)


The academic section has been divided into two semesters and there will be two end semester examinations for class III to class XII, and Assessment Test for U.K.G. to Class-II. A pre-board examination will be conducted for the students of class-XII in the month of January.

In addition, 4 formative test for Class III to X and 3 set of unit test for class XI and XII will be conducted during the Academic year. All unit test and Assessment Exercise books should be signed and returned the day after receiving them.

It is mandatory for all students to have 80% attendance.

Students failing in consecutive years or twice in the same class will be given a Transfer Certificate.

If any test day is declared a holiday, the test will be taken on the next working day.

Promotion to the next class depends on the child's performance throughout the year.







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