bullet Examination Policy

There will be no Formal Examination at the end of each Semester.

Students will be graded on the basis of Continuous Assessment.



CLASS I & II            

There will now be 4 sets of weekly tests per semester.

The weekly test will be conducted as per schedule given in two parts :
15 marks (Subjective e.g. Question and Answers, Problem Solving etc.) and
10 marks (Objective e.g. One Word Answer, Match the Following, Fill in the Blanks, Word Meaning, etc.)

a : 15 marks will be conducted on the dates mentioned in weekly test schedule.
b :
10 marks will  be conducted as a part of class assignment.

Syllabus is being given to the students on a monthly basis.

Marks will then be converted to grades in the Report Cards.


CLASS - III to V        


The academic Session is divided into two semesters :

First Semester - April to September Second Semester - October to March

Each Semester will have :
One Class Test of 10 marks.
A  Thematic Project of  5 marks.

One Unit test of 20 marks reduced to 10 marks.
Summative Exam of 70 marks.

At the end of the session 40% of the first semester and 60% of the second semester will be calculated and final result declared.


CLASS - VI to X       

The academic session is divided into two semesters :

First Semester - April to September Second Semester - October to March
Each semester comprises of two formative assessments and one summative assessment.

Formative  assessment in each semester will include five class tests per subject in the form of Pen-Paper Test, Projects, Quiz, Worksheet, MCQ etc.

The best two performances in each semester will be considered for formative 1,2 formatives 3,4 for the session.

Summative Assessment will be held at the end of each semester in the months of  September and March respectively.

For the entire academic session the weightage of marks for marks foe Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment will be as follows :

FA1 + FA2 + FA3 + FA4 = 40%
SA1 = 30%
SA2 = 30%
FA1+  FA2 + FA3 + FA4 = 40%
SA1 = 30%
SA2 = 30%

CLASS - XI             

The academic session has been divided into two semesters followed by two end semester examinations.

Unit Tests : Three sets - 25 marks each, spread over the entire session beginning from July to February of the following year. In English Core there is a 10 marks internal assessment to be completed before each semester. Projects and related Assignments are completed in Science and Commerce streams as per the subject's requirement.

Semester  Examinations : 100 marks each paper.

First Semester : September

Final Semester : February/March

Weightage (Yearly Performance ) : Unit Test-10% , First Semester-40%, Final Semester-50%


Three sets of Unit Tests : 25 marks each - Last week of April to end of October.

First Semester : September - 60% of the syllabus.

Second Semester : December - 40% of the syllabus.

Pre-Board Examination : January - entire syllabus.

Attendance is mandatory for all Tests and Semesters.

bullet Special Awards

"Amala Goswami Endowment" Silver Medal cum Certificate is awarded to the most outstanding student of the Class X outgoing batch.

"Ranadeb Choudhuri" Silver Medal cum Certificate is awarded to the student securing the highest aggregate in the Class XII All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination.







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