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Investiture Ceremony

On 16th April 2019, the investiture and oath taking ceremony was organised at Surendranath Centenary School. The Principal Mrs Samita Sinha along with the four house moderators bestowed the honour to the newly appointed members of the cabinet for the academic session 2018-19.

The Head Boy Harsh Ranjan, Head Girl Nidhi Maheshwari along with the, Sports Captain, House Captains, Students’ Representatives, Prefects, were honoured with badges by the Principal Mrs Samita Sinha and the four House Moderators. It was a moment of pride and glory for them. The students’ council took the pledge to uphold the school motto ‘Nothing Beyond’ in high esteem.

The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha while addressing students stressed on the need to become more focussed in their goals and to exhibit leadership qualities in order to become a better and confident person in life. She further added that with position comes responsibility and so they need to introspect for the progress and discipline of the school. The Principal along with the teachers congratulated the office bearers and expressed that they will work towards the betterment of the institution and deliver their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

Interactive Session with OSAM Founder

On 2nd February 2019, the founder of Osam dairy, Mr. Abhinav Shah, an alumni of Surendranath Centenary School, visited the school to share his success mantra with the children. He interacted with students of the higher classes and made them aware of how the advancing technology and positive approach helps in bringing impeccable product for the people. He also stressed that the hard work is the key to success. He also shared his difficult time when Osam had just started and then how gradually it became a company with commendable turnover. An array of questions was asked by the student to Mr. Shah.CEO of Osam Dairy who answered them meticulously. He also extended the offer and invited the students to visit their unit and understand the processing and marketing which are the basics of a successful business.

The programme proved to be a great success and a learning experience for the audience.

The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha thanked Mr.Shah for his initiative and praised his hard earned success. She further said that such members of alumni act as a guiding force for the present students of the school. She also stressed on the need of taking risks and said ‘No risk No Gain’.

Art Exhibition Cum Science Exhibition

The students of the junior section of Surendranath Centenary School amply demonstrated their skills at the Art & Craft Cum Science Exhibition in the school premises on 1st February , 2019.The objective of the exhibition was to bring forth the innate skills and creative genius of the students and appreciate the guidance of the teachers. The little ones of UKG to II showcased their originative artistry through their finger puppets, butterflies, masks, turtles, dolls, elephants and ice-cream baskets, all exhibits made out of waste.

The exhibition also featured some of the brightest talents of III to V students. They displayed their craft items which consisted of caterpillars, face masks, cards decorated with pressed dried flowers and leaves, pencil decoration, paper mache pots and handmade paper toys, all made from eco friendly things.

Meticulous in their effort the scientific minds of Class III to V gave life to models like pollution &its consequences, 3 R’s reduce, reuse,& recycle, innovative methods to conserve energy, separation of mixtures etc. They impressed the parents through their delivery about the exhibits.

At the same time colourful and impressive rangoli made by the students was appreciated by one and all. The exhibition received an overwhelming response and was praised by the parents.

The parents were captivated by the creativity and dexterity of the students .They were impressed and bought hand printed handkerchiefs and book marks made by the students and the collection of which would be given as charity.

The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha commented that such events and exhibitions help the children to learn by becoming a part of it. She further expressed that it also grows individuality and better understanding among them.

Republic Day Celebration

The 70th Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at Surendranath Centenary School. The School Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha unfurled the national flag followed by our national anthem ‘Jan Gana Mana..’

The students of classes III to V presented a series of cultural programme during the occasion. The programme included patriotic song, hindi skit, and dance .The hindi skit ‘Padhega India to badhega India’ emphasized the importance of education. The other skit ‘Swaccha Bharat’ highlighted the importance of cleanliness in our life. The patriotic song and dance filled the environment with patriotic fervour and enthralled the audiences.

The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha read out the preamble of our constitution and enlightens its importance. She also urged everyone to be part of the progress of the country and fulfil the vision of 2020 of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Kite Flying at SCS

The skies above Surendranath Centenary School were awash with brightly colored kites of all shapes and sizes as the students from class IX to XII displayed their unique kite flying skills on 18th January 2019 in the school premises. About fifty students showed their kite flying skills with great zeal and zest to mark the occasion of Makar Sankranti. The kites looked amazing once the winds lifted them up. It was a lovely experience both for the participants as well as for the staff members. The children cherished the moment and displayed sportsmen spirit in this event.

The Principal, Mrs. Samita Sinha said that the activity was surely a joyful experience for all and further added that such type of activities help the children to get accustomed to their tradition.

Proud Moment for SCS:- Girl State Topper in JEE MAIN

Silky Kumari of Surendranath Centenary School Ranchi has become the Girl State topper (Jharkhand) in JEE MAINS 2019 with 99.88 percentile, bringing name and fame to the school and the city.

23 students of the school have qualified in the JEE MAINS exam which was conducted by NTA between January 8 to 12, 2019. Sumit Kumar Sahu 99.10 Percentile and Ashish Manoj Chaurasia 96.8 Percentile have become the 2nd and 3rd school toppers respectively.

The School Principal, Mrs. Samita Sinha congratulated Silky Kumari and other students who have qualified for their success and said that their hard work and determination helped them to achieve the milestone and wished them very best in all their future endeavors and for the upcoming board examination.

Fear Not Mathematics at SCS

With exams round the corner ‘Fear Not Mathematics’ was organised for the students of class I in the Junior Section of Surendranath Centenary School on 9th January 2019. Arnav Mandal and Shubh Kumar addressed the morning assembly and explained the importance of Mathematics in everyday life. A glorifying tribute was paid to the great mathematicians ‘S Ramanujam’ by Abhinn Anand. An open quiz was organized for the students. Display boards and models were exhibited to create interest in Maths. All the students participated in the first round of Maths crossword puzzle. Selected students from the first round contested enthusiastically in the final ‘Speed and Accuracy game. ‘The purpose was to improve their oral calculation and build confidence in Mathematics. Keeping in mind that Maths remains a high scoring subject, students were guided accordingly.

The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha expressed that Mathematics plays an integral role in our daily life and we need it in each & every aspect of life. Importance of mathematics cannot be ignored at any age by any one.

Workshop on Accountability at Work and Life

A workshop was conducted for the teachers on “Accountability at Work and Life” at Surendranath Centenary School on 5th January, 2019. Mr. Surya Narain Bahadur, a renowned personality in the field of education was the resource person. The session began with a warm-up address by the Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha.

The resource person focused on the role and responsibilities of teachers and advised them that they should be more accountable towards the holistic development of a child then only comprehensive goal can be achieved. During the session the teachers raised the problems faced in teaching learning process in the present scenario. The resource Person discussed the solutions to handle such situations. Video clippings were shown and activities were organized which was not only interesting but engaging too. It was an interactive and enriching session for the teachers.

The Principal, Mrs. Samita Sinha was of the view that the workshop would enable the teachers to handle difficult situations and infuse positive spirit in their approach. The teachers imbibed a number of progressive ideas from the motivational videos.

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