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Nutrition Week & Doctor’s Day Celebration

‘Nutrition Week’ was observed from 25th to 29th June 2018 by the students of Classes UKG to II at the junior wing of Surendranath Centenary School, Ranchi. During the week parents were requested to send their wards with nutritious lunch including fruits and sprouts to encourage and make them realize the importance of health. The parents appreciated the initiative with their cooperation.

The week concluded with the ‘Doctor’s Day’ celebration. The students of classes I and II enacted the roles of doctors and spoke about the importance of hygiene and proper nutrition. The poem ‘Doctor’ was recited by ‘Alisha’ a student of class II C and a skit performed by the students on doctors. The skit highlighted the important role played by the doctors in the life of people. A lively dance was also performed by the students at the end of the programme which won accolades by the audience.

The observance of ‘Doctors Day’ is the best time to appreciate the role of doctors for caring and saving the life of people.

On the occasion a health camp was also organized by the school under the guidance of Dr. Sandip Agarwal, Associate Professer of Surgery RIMS and Dr. Rashmi Prasad,CMO Sadar Hospital. The doctors spoke to the children about the importance of nutritious food ,healthy living and routine life.

The entire effort was to sensitize the students and parents regarding health, hygiene and nutrition.


Celebration of International Yoga Day

The 4th International Day of Yoga was celebrated on 21st June 2018 at Surendranath Centenary School,Ranchi with great enthusiasm and vigour. A special yoga session was conducted for the students of classes III to V. The Students performed various Asanas like Bhujangasana,Vajrasana,Tadasana,Chakrasana,Halasana etc. in the school premises under the guidance of their yoga teacher. The Yoga teacher also narrated the usefulness of different asanas which helps to cure many diseases and keeps the mind and body healthy, stress-free and cheerful. Students gave an impressive rhythemic demonstration of asanas creating a strong impact on the audience. Today’s generation find it difficult to cope up with stress and anxiety so during the session they learnt how to overcome these problems. The main aim was to raise awareness and ignite a passion for fitness and yoga among the students.

The Co-Curricular Activities Coordinator Mrs Annanya Sen said Yoga is essential for inner and physical growth. It enables us to live a healthy life. She also motivated the students to make yoga an important part of their daily routine to stay fit and healthy.


Summer Camp at the School

A weeklong Summer Camp organised by Surendranath Centenary School Ranchi concluded today in a very satisfying manner. The camp kicked off on 4th June 2018 and continued till 11th June 2018. More than hundred students from classes IV to IX participated in the camp with great zeal and enthusiasm. They participated in multi sports activities like cricket, volleyball, kho-kho, kabaddi, badminton etc. They also showcased their talent in indoor games like carrom and chess. The participants explored their potential and expressed their creativity during the camp. A get together was organised on the last day of the camp to express and convey their acknowledgement.

The co-ordinator of co-curricular activities of the school Mrs. Annanya Sen, applauded the efforts of the teachers and students and encouraged the students to recognise and develop their latent skills & talent. The Summer Camp helped the children to engage in activities which they found enjoyable, instilling them self-confidence & building social skills.


Orientation Programme on Inclusion and Inclusive Strategies

An Orientation Programme was conducted on “Inclusion and Inclusive strategies” (capacity building programme) at Surendranath Centenary School, Dipatoli on 24th and 25th of May, 2018 respectively. The resource persons for this training session were Dr. Pragya Verma (Deputy Director, Inclusive education, CBSE) and Dr. Kishore H Mane (Assistant professor, BHU, Varanasi). A workshop of such kind was the first to be held in Ranchi which created an awareness regarding Inclusion in regular schools, which is immensely essential to cater the needs of the students. Maybe due to circumstantial reasons, parents and teachers are sometimes unable to identify the problems faced by their children.

The workshop saw a participation of approximately 60 participants, that included Principals, vice principals and counselors from different cities of Jharkhand including Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Bokaro etc. There was a wide discussion on the topics like ‘knowing various disabilities’, ‘understanding classroom barriers, and ‘Behaviour Modification. It was an enriching and learning experience for all. Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha inferentially stated that such workshops are the need of the hour and we need to understand the importance of Inclusive education and its’ application in school management.


Commendable Performance in Wushu & Yoga Championship

The students of Surendranath Centenary School won seven medals in the 1st Inter School CBSE/ICSE Wushu championship organised by Jharkhand Wushu Assosiation at Sahid Birsa Munda Stadium on 6th May 2018.

Krish Oraon (III A), Naiteek Raaj (V D) &Ayush Maan clinched the silver Medal while Rishav Singh Jha (IV A),Sharad Nag Yadav (IV B),Shivanshi Sharma V A & Aryan Bhagat (V B) got the bronze medal.

The students also displayed their great energy and enthusiasm in performing the different ‘asans’ in the 22nd All India inter School & Club Yoga championship organised by Ranchi Yoga Culture .Bhavya of III C got the 5th prize for her excellent perpomance in the junior group (girls).

The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha congratulated and appreciated the efforts of all the winners and conveyed her best wishes to them for their future endeavours.


Celebration of Rabindra Jayanti

On 10th May 2018, the birth anniversary of the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore was celebrated at the junior wing of Surendranath Centenary School. The Junior students presented an array of programme to mark this occasion. Harshvee a student of class IV D delivered a speech enlighten the students on his contribution as a poet, philosopher, playwright, painter and as an educationist. She also highlighted the fact that he was born in a simple family and later on composed the National Anthem of our country. An English poem ‘Paper Boat’ was presented by Shreya Samridhi of Class V B which was enacted by the students of class I and II.A Hindi song ‘Mere Chit Me..’ was performed with dance and this was followed by a colourful fusion dance by the students of class V. The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha spoke about Tagore’s multifaceted personality and its manifestation in his works. She also encouraged students to imbibe his values to enrich their lives.


Workshop on Class Room Management

A Workshop was conducted at Surendranath Centenary School on 5th May 2018 on Class Room Management for the senior section teachers (VI to XII).The resource persons were Mrs. Anannya Sen and Mrs. Piali Das Gupta, the senior teachers of the school . Mrs. A. Sen discussed the effective teaching techniques that can be adopted by the teachers to enhance their teaching skills. Mrs. Piali Das Gupta discussed the Rules, Procedures and Routine to be followed in the classroom. She also discussed the Inter Personal Relationship of the teachers with the students and parents. Video clippings and activities were organised which was not only interesting but engaging. It was an interactive and enriching session for the teachers. The Principal, Mrs. Samita Sinha said that such workshops serve the purpose of enhancing the teaching skills of the teachers. She also added that they enable the teachers to keep abreast with the latest teaching methodology so that they can meet the demands of the present day education system.


Fun with Friends: ‘Colour, Fruit & Rhyme Time’ (Junior Wing) held on 04th May 2018

Childhood is the best and happiest phase of anyone’s life. Children not only enjoy during this phase with full vigour but they also learn from each other. With these objectives an activity called “Fun with Friends: Colour, Fruit & Rhyme Time” was organised on 4th May 2018 at the Junior wing of Surendranath Centenary School. The tiny tots presented rhymes on the theme ‘Good morning fruits I eat fruits every day’. The children wore colourful dresses in the shape and design of different fruits and sang rhymes with great enthusiasm. The children learnt the importance of fruits in their diet. The concept of healthy fruits, its colour and taste was explained in a playful manner. An action song “Apples are red-red, bananas are yellow-yellow…” was also presented by them.

The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha said that such activities not only help the children to get acquainted with one another but also enables them to acquire various skills in a playful way.


Visit to Old Age Home - Class X Students on 03-05-2018

The Class X students of Surendranath Centenary School, Ranchi, visited the Old Age Home, Cheshire Home Road, on 03.05.2018, to spend some quality time with the elderly people, residing there. As a part of SUPW activity, the students had prepared handicrafts which were sold during an Art and Craft Exhibition. The money collected from this was used to purchase a geyser and a toaster which was gifted to them.. The students learnt a valuable lesson in compassion towards the elderly. The initiative was taken up to sensitize the students regarding their problems and difficult life.

The residents of the Old Age Home were overwhelmed with the warmth and care shown by the students and the teachers. The joyous expression on their faces reflected their gratitude.

The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha appreciated the enthusiasm shown by the students for this noble cause. She constantly encourages the students to take part in such acts of charity and become responsible citizens of the society.


Investiture Ceremony (Nurturing Future Leaders) - held on 01-05-2018

On 1st May 2018, the investiture and oath taking ceremony was organised at Surendranath Centenary School. The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha along with the four house moderators bestowed the honour to the newly appointed members of the cabinet for the academic session 2018-19.

The Head Boy Mayank R. V. Vishal, Head Girl Adiba Alam along with the, Sports Captain, House Captains, Students’ Representative, Prefects, were honoured with badges by the Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha and the four House Moderators. It was a moment of pride and glory for them. The students’ council took the pledge to uphold the school motto ‘Nothing Beyond’ in high esteem. The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha while addressing students stressed on the need to become more focussed in their goals and to exhibit leadership qualities in order to become a better and confident person in life. She further added that with position comes responsibility and so they need to introspect for the progress and discipline of the school. The Principal along with the teachers congratulated the office bearers and expressed their hope that they will work towards the good of the institution and deliver their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

The badge holders were encouraged to shoulders their duties and excel in their future endeavours.


Road Safety and Traffic Awareness Programme

On 19th April 2018, a Road Safety and Traffic Awareness Programme was conducted by Dainik Jagran at Surendranath Centenary School to spread awareness among the youngsters about the road safety and traffic rules. The programme began with the felicitation ceremony by giving away the Tulsi plants by the senior manager of Dainik Jagran Mr Manoj Gupta to the Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha and the traffic S.P Mr Sanjay Ranjan singh who was the chief guest of the programme .The Programme commenced with the presentation on the topics such as achievements of Jagran, sanskarshala, cctv footage of road accidents. Two street plays were presented by the NCC cadets ‘Yamraj on Duty’,and ‘Horn Dhire Baja re Pagle’.were quite interesting and informative. The traffic S.P interacted with the students and guided them about the safety rules.The Principal Mrs. Samita sinha appreciated the effort put up by the Jagran team and she hoped that it will be a ‘wake up call’ for the students. .


Orientation Day for UKG 2018-19

On 5th April 2018, Surendranath Centenary School Ranchi organised an Orientation Programme for the parents of the new entrants of class UKG session 2018-19.The aim of the programme was to initiate a harmonious learning process and to familiarize parents with the school ethos.

The Principal, Mrs. Samita Sinha addressed the gathering by sharing the school’s vision and mission and also reiterating the school parent partnership to ensure holistic development of the young ones. Furthermore she briefed the parents about the general instructions to be followed for the progress of the children. She emphasised the importance of discipline, school rules, good habits and moral values. Parents were also guided about the on- line fee payments to promote cashless transaction. The session was interactive where the parents and students were introduced to the respective class teachers and all their queries were answered.

Overall the orientation programme helped to streamline the smooth transition of the new parents into the SCS family and make them familiar with the curriculum, rules and regulations of the school. .


Farewell of Class X & XII

The Farewell Ceremony for the outgoing students of class X and XII was organized in Surendranath Centenary School on 22nd February 2018 in the school auditorium.
The day was filled with nostalgia fun and excitement and the students spent the day reminiscing the joyous moments of their school life. The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha addressed the students with an inspirational and motivating speech. She enlightened the students regarding the exam strategy and emphasized the importance of discipline, hard work, sincerity and honesty in achieving success in life. She advised the students to leave their past behind and focus on their future by analyzing their strength. While sharing the views of the Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi,the Principal urged the students to build self confidence and focus on time management, relaxatation and concentrattion on their goal .The senior teachers of the school extended their warm wishes for the upcoming Board examination and advised the students to be diligent and dedicated to get the desired result.


Pariksha Par Charcha

On 16th February 2018, the students of Surendranath Centenary School along with the parents and the teachers attended the live telecast of the Prime Minister address to the students. The prime objective of this session was to enable the students overcome stress before the examination. The session was a lively discussion on the problems faced by the students during preparation. The students put forward their queries related to Stress, Concentration ,Peer Pressure ,Comparison ,Parental and Social Pressure. According to the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi these problems are natural phenomenon and can be solved by self analysis and advised the students to defocus before being focused. He suggested that every individual is a complete being and should compete with himself rather than others. The students were thrilled and excited during the session .The entire experience was beneficial and enlightening for them. The Principal Mrs Samita Sinha appreciated the effort and expressed her gratitude for our Prime Minister’s innovative venture. According to her such an initiative will boost the morale of the students to a great extent. .


Art & Craft Exhibition

On 3rd February 2018, an exhibition was conducted in Surendranath Centenary School, Ranchi. The scientific skill of the students of classes VI-VIII was distinctively evident in the models displayed. Apart from this as a part of SUPW activity, the students from classes IX and X sold handicraft and food items prepared by them. The entire initiative was undertaken to sensitize the students towards the underprivileged section of the society. Money collected would be donated to the Charity Organisation of Ranchi. The senior section students showed their artistic skills and displayed their creativity by attractive and colourful designs of Rangoli and Flower arrangement. In Junior Section Children exhibited Food stalls to display delicious food items used in various states of India. The competition provided the students an opportunity to discover their potential and enhance their creativity.

Results of Inter house Rangoli Making
1st Jaguar House
2nd Panther House
3rd Leopard House

Results of Inter house Flower Arrangement Competition
1st Cheetah House
2nd Panther House
3rd Panther House



69th Republic Day Celebration

The Sixty Ninth Republic Day was celebrated by the staff and students of Surendranath Centenary School with a great patriotic fervour and enthusiasm. The Principal Mrs Samita Sinha hoisted the national flag in the school campus, followed by the national anthem and slogans.
A variety of cultural programmes were performed by the students of classes V to VII which mesmerised the audience. The programme began with the patriotic song Vande Ma Taram performed by the school choir. Adya Jha and Amita Singh, students of Class V delivered the speech in English and Hindi respectively and spoke about the sanctity of the occasion and role played by the Constitutional makers with particular reference to Dr.B.R Ambedkar. A Drama based on Cleanliness is next to godliness was staged by the students which was very appealing and highly applauded by the audience. Fusion Dance on different patriotic songs compelled the audience to tap their feet.
The Principal Mrs Samita Sinha addressed the gathering and threw light on various tasks to be undertaken by the present students who are the future citizens of the country.She further added that we as a responsible citizens should strive to develop the country. She also reminded the students of the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters and emphasized the importance of Sovereignty, Integrity and solidarity.


Workshop on Life Skill

A workshop was organised for class VI students in Surendranath Centenary School on 16th January 2018. Dr. Rashmi Kapila, a renowned personality in the field of education was the resource person. The objective of the workshop was to enhance life skills among the children. She emphasized that the children should become productive for the society and not be a burden.
She explained to the students about ways to improve their concentration. She told the students to learn moral and ethical values in their day to day life. She explained to the students various types of skills such as: understanding the problems, find solutions with available resources, be creative and innovative. She also told about verbal and non verbal communication and given ideas for stress management.
The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha encouraged the children and emphasized on the same values. She felt that such workshop helps them to face the challenges of life.



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