Investiture Ceremony

A simple investiture ceremony was organized on the 25th of April, 2016 in the school auditorium for the session 2016-17. Our Principal Mrs. S. Sinha conferred the badges to the Head Boy: Chandrayan Mitra, the Head Girl: Nancy Lahiri, the school Representatives, the house Captains of respective houses and the Prefects. After the oath taking ceremony, the Principal addressed the students reminding them of their duties towards the school.


Earth Day Celebration

Junior Section of Surendranath Centeanry School celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April 2016. Students of class V staged a play on Earth Day. It was a play to bring awareness among the students to make our planet a beautiful place to live in. It was an innocent endeavor to raise awareness about the problems of earth. They suggested measures to combat the problems like climate change and global warming.


Donation by the Students of Surendranath School

On 2nd May, 2016, a group of class X students of Surendranath Centenary School visited St. Michael Blind School. The purpose of the visit was to create an awareness and concern for the visually challenged children and also sensitize them towards their social responsibilities. During the occasion the students presented a cash amount of Rs. 17,500/-. This amount was collected through the sale of handicrafts made by the students themselves as a part of their SUPW curriculum. The students of St. Michael conveyed their method of learning through the Braille Script and also sang a melodious song which deeply touched the students.

The Principal and the Teachers of St. Michael expressed their gratitude at the affection and warmth extended by the students of Surendranath Centenary School.


Farewell Ceremony

On 29th Feb 2016, the principal of Surendranath Centenary School Mrs Samita Sinha along with the teachers organized a warm farewell for senior English teacher Mrs. Chitra Sahai. Mrs Sahai was a blend of diverse qualities who left an indelible impression on virtually every student and every teacher of the school . It was indeed a proud moment for Mrs. Chitra Sahai as she received acknowledgement, compliments about her contribution to the school. The principal highlighted her achievements during her tenure as she presented the memento to honour her.


Celebration of Basant Panchmi and Holi

Basant Panchami and Holi was celebrated in Junior wing at Surendranath Centenary School by the students of class UKG to Std. II. Basant Panchami is one of the colourful festival of Hindus that highlights the arrival of spring .This festival is celebrated in “Magh”. The colourful festival of “Holi” is celebrated in “Phalgun Purnima”. The celebration of these events made the children aware of our customs and cultures. The programme was conducted by UKG –Class II Children. The programme schedule was as follow:-

UKG- Saraswati vandana; song “Holi Aayi” ; Shlok competition; Dance on holi (Mangal Pandey)

Class I- Song on Holi

Class II- Speech competition (Saraswati Puja and Holi); Pushpanjali

The children wore bright yellow dresses. The whole place bursts with “Yellow” during the celebration. Chocolates were distributed to encourage and boost up the spirit of participants and winners. Children as well as teachers enjoyed the programmes a lot.



Science cum Art and Craft Exhibition

A science exhibition was organized at Surendranath Centenary School on the 6th of February, 2015. Students of classes Vl to Vlll participated in it. They showcased their talent and creativity through their models. Students presented their models with great enthusiasm and excitement. The models on Solar Energy, Robotics, Hydraulic Power, Kidney, Human Heart, Electroplating etc. were appreciated by all the visitors. Such exhibitions act as a platform for students to showcase their talent and enhance their skills as well.

The Principal Mrs.Samita Sinha was impressed by the models and she stressed on the importance of science in one's life. Parents also acknowledged and appreciated the efforts made by the students An art and craft exhibition was also held in the school. The students worked hard to put up their craft materials and exhibits. They made useful, commodities like table cloth, soft toys, handkerchief, envelopes, dupattas etc. Each and every student was full of zeal and enthusiasm to sell his/her items. lt was an exhibition cum sale. The exhibition was specially meant to sell the items so that the money could be utilized for the less privileged section of the society. lt not only helped the students to show their creativity but also helped in inculcating holistic values in them



Trip to Bio Diversity Park

The students of classes IX and X from Surendranath Centenary School were taken to the Bio Diversity Park for an educational trip. The variety of medicinal plants such as Gurmar,Tinospora Cordifolia,Cissus quadrangularis etc. grown over a wide area was worth seeing. The students were informed about their different uses and medicinal values. The students visited the beautiful rose garden and appreciated the flowers which were of nearly nine to ten different colours. There were several varieties of water lilies. Different species of cacti were grown in sandy soil in an enclosed area. The students learnt about bio diversity from this visit.


67th Republic Day Celebration

Surendranath Centenary School celebrated the 67th Republic Day with many programmes which mesmerised, and filled the minds of the audience, with a feeling of patriotism. The principal Mrs. Samita Sinha along with the designated teachers, hoisted the tricolour flag. The program began with a melodious song sung by the school choir which filled the students with patriotic spirit. The speech in English delivered by Abhinav Choudhary, described the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters. The dance program prsented by the students of standard 8th, was based on Rabrindranath Tagore’s poetry. After this, the speech in Hindi filled the students with a sense of devotion for the nation. The students of standard 9 and 10 enthralled the audience with their lively dance on ‘India Day’. After this, the Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha in her inspiring speech requested the students to be more responsible in their duties towards their nation. This was followed by a satirical play on corruption practiced in the name of charity by some people today. The 67th Republic Day celebration concluded with students distinctly filled with patriotic sentiments.


Cultural Program by SPIC MACAY

The SPIC MACAY organization of Ranchi has once again provided the students of Surendranath School an opportunity to know the rich culture of India. On the 21-01-2016 the musically gifted Sarangi maestro, Ustad Kamaal Saabri accompanied by Sukhmoy Banerjee on tabla captivated and enthralled the students with their brilliant performance. During the program Mr. Kamaal Saabri shared his experience with the students and enlightened them regarding the significance and essence of playing the Sarangi. He generated awareness regarding the importance of Classical music in life amongst the students. It was not only a mesmerizing moment but also a learning experience for the students.


Inter school Jharkhand Science & Environment Festivals 2016

Students of  SURENDRANATH CENTENARY SCHOOL have participated in Jharkhand Science Environment Festival organised in BIT Mesra.There Were Several Events Such As Science Exhibition, Debate, Ad Sense and Quiz.

1. First Prize in Science Exhibition

   Participants Are-
                         Amishi   IX D,    Vishakha Choudhary IX A  , Sarthak Biswas  X D ,  Suraj Kumar X D

2. Second Prize in Ad Sense Competition 

              Participants Are-
                               Shubham Kumar X D,  Ruchi Sneha    X A , Vashudha Chatterjee   X D

       3. Third Prize in Debate Competition 

              Participants Are-
                                Veera Deep  XI B,  Abhinav Chowdhary X B ,  Aparna Priya X A ,  Ishan Dutta X A

      4. Quiz Participants
Shashank Mallik  X B,  Aman Kr Singh X B,   Rahul Singh  X B

The Event concluded successfully giving the message on Environment Protection to the students.


Visit to The Earth Museum

On 14th January 2016, students of class VIII visited “The Earth Museum” situated at CMPDI complex for an educational trip. As the name suggests, the museum explained the history of our planet right from its formation, the origin of life, the formation of minerals and the extraction of natural resources by the curator. The students enjoyed miniature representation of mining areas and story of  “Mahabir Capsule” used for rescue operation.


Trip to Science City Morabadi

Students from Class VII were taken on an educational trip to Science City Morabadi. They enjoyed each and every moment of it. Most of the students were related to physics. A 3D movie was also shows to them. The outcome of the trip was satisfactory. They learnt how to prepare some models based on the topic related to physics.  


Trip To The State Museum

The students of class VI of Surendranath Centenary School Ranchi were taken on an educational trip to the State Museum(Hotwar) on 12th of January 2016. The museum show cases the culture and life of  the tribal people of Jharkhand. The Students visited Ethological gallery, Sculpture gallery, Pottery gallery and Painting gallery of the Musuem.

This trip enhanced the knowledge of the students an helped them to learn about the tribes and the history of Jharkhand.


Observance of Road Safety Week

As per the directives of CBSE ‘OBSERVANCE  OF ROAD SAFETY  WEEK’ , was observed in SURENDRANATH CENTENARY SCHOOL Ranchi from 11th -16th January. The activities involves included a quiz for the class VI students on road safety, while those from class VII had an essay writing competition. Students from  class VIII had a Declamation Contest judged by a team of teachers. A poster painting was organized for students of classes VI –VIII. A very important step of vehicle check –up of the school busses was done by Col. Deogharia, the administrator of the school and the report was submitted.


National Youth Day

On the 12th of January National Youth Day  was celebrated in Surendranath Centenary School Ranchi to commemorate the 154th anniversary of Swami Vivekanand, Various activities like essay writing, Painting and drawing competition were organized. The students were taken to Mecon Stadium to attend a programme organised by Ramkrishna Mission for the students from different school of Ranchi.


Inter House Kite Flying Competition

In order to preserve the rich cultural tradition of India kite flying festival is celebrated all over the country on the eve of Makar Sankranti. In keeping with the tradition on the 14th of January 2016 an Inter House Kite flying competition was organised at Surendranath Centenary School Ranchi. The entire field was abuzz with the students trying to outdo one another. The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha appreciated the efforts and skills exhibited by the students on the occasion.


Kite Making:- 1st:- Subham Soni & Mrinmay Dutta (Leopard)

                      2nd:- Shikhar Prakash & Satyam (Jaguar House)

Kite Flying:- 1st:- Mayank & Kumar Abhishek (Panther House)

                    2nd:- Ashim Sourya & Aditya Singh (Leopard House)


GANIT Week Celebration ( Growing Aptitude in Numerical Innovation and Training)

GANIT week was celebrated at SURENDRANATH CENTENARY SCHOOL from the 16th to 22nd December to commemorate the 128th birth ceremony of Dr. SRINIVASA AIYANGAR RAMANUJAN. Several activities like Essay writing competition ,Mathematical relay , Quiz and Sudoku were organised in the school. Students showed keen interest in the events organised. The purpose of this event was to develop both curiosity and interest in the subject amongst the students. The programme was successfully concluded on the 22nd December with an interactive session in which the students from classes IX to XI eagerly participated.


Celebration of Constitution Day

On 26th Nov Constitution Day was Celebrated in Surendranath Centenary School .The students prepared posters and speech to convey their respect for the constitution. In the morning assembly the students took an oath to abide by the constitution.


Annual Science Exhibition

A Science Exhibition was organized on 10th, November in Surendranath Centenary School. The students prepared different types of models on the burning issues of today. A Lot of excitement and zeal was seen among the students in this exhibition. The Principal of DAV Kapil Dev, Mr. M. K. Sinha, an eminent personality was cordially invited as the Chief Guest. He encouraged the young scientists with his inspiring speech. He advised them to be focused in their approach and advise them to relate science to life .The Principal Mrs Samita Sinha emphasized on the importance of science in the present world and appreciated the models. The Exhibition saw the young scientists put up a number of innovative models and research based projects in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths .

From Biology there was a model on Anti-Smoking which showed the ill effects of smoking. No less striking was the model on 'Chemical Plant' which showed the production of organic compounds. There were many models of Physics but the one which displayed the use of robots in different fields really impressed the parents and the judges ' The Automatic Attendance System' presented by the I.T. department was no less impressive . The 'future mathematicians came up with a model on the Ferris Wheel and Sun Dial which showed how time can be calculated with the help of shadows .The judges had been invited to select the best models. Dr. R.S. Singh from Army School had come jurige the physics models. The chemistry models were judged by Mrs. Abha Sharma and the biology models were judged by Dr, A. K. S Jha, lecturer from Vinoba Bhave University. The creativity and the scientific bent of mind were distinctly evident from the array of models on display.


Celebration of Subho Vijay and Deepawali

In Surendranath Centenary School’s Junior Wing Student of Class UKG to II Celebrated Dussehra and Diwali. Goddess Durga was worshipped. A  famous tale on “Mahishasur Mardini” was told. A speech was delivered too. A song  ‘‘Diwali aaye’’ was sung. A ‘Dandiya’ was performed. Children lighted earthen lamps and made rangoli. Few parents were invited and sweets were distributed.


Vigilance Awareness Week

As per the directives of C.B.S.E vigilance awareness week was observed from the 26th of Oct to the 29th at Surendranath Centenary School Ranchi with complete enthusiasm & interest. Various activities were organized in both the senior and junior sections. Classes 6 to 7 prepared vivid posters on transparency and anti dote to corruption & some interesting slogans on “Preventive Vigilance”. Students displayed originality, creativity and awareness in these activities. The Hindi department conducted a humorous but relevant street play on citizen participation for preventive vigilance for students of class 9 and 10. Since the play was conducted in Hindi the audience could follow and co- relate more easily. The more mature students of class 11 and 12 wrote essays on R.T.I Act  a different to corruption. Since corruption is a very important issue of the day, students could grasp the topic easily and as the R.T.I ACT it has been mentioned in several subjects of their curriculum they could understand the importance of this and express themselves eloquently in all the activities organized.



Proud Moment-Only Winner from Jharkhand in CBSE Expression Series

It was indeed a proud moment for Surendranath Centenary School when one of its student KHYATI of class XII received a cash prize money of Rs. 2500/- and a merit certificate for Poetry Writing in the Expression Series Competition conducted by C.B.S.E .The competition was organized on 15th October in an endeavor to pay a tribute to Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam on his birthday .KHYATI is the only outstanding student from Jharkhand to have received the prestigious award .The Principal  Mrs Samita Sinha congratulated her for the excellent performance. 


Art Workshop By Haren Thakur

In order to enhance the creative talent of the students and to promote the importance of art, Surendranath Centenary School, Dipatoli, Ranchi organized a workshop on Art on 3rd Nov. Mr. Haren Thakur the renowned artist graced the occasion. He gave valuable tips and ideas about the intricacy of art to the students. The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha welcomed him and hoped that the workshop will inspire the students to realize their creative potential 40 students from std 9-12 participated in the workshop . Mr. Thakur while addressing the students stressed on the importance of art as a subject and said that one needs to be passionate and dedicated towards it to bring out its true assence.   



Student of the Year (Felicitation by L.I.C)

The L.I.C. of India organised a ‘Student of the Year-2015’ ceremony in Surendranath Centenary School Ranchi on the 17th of Oct, where the best students from each class was awarded a memento & chocolate by the Branch Manager of L.I.C in the morning assembly. The Principal, Mrs. Samita Sinha congratulated the winners, she also urged the boys to come up and win prizes the next year. The Prize Winners are:-

Class Name of the Student
I Chandrani Chakrborty
II Suhani Priya
III Priyam Dutta , Aashka Mishra ,Srishti Sanyal
IV Vaibhav Mishra
V Aayesha Anand
VI Sumit Raj , Ritika Singh , Sneha Das Chowdhary
VII Prakhsar Ranjan
VIII Ritika Dasgupta
IX Apurwa Ghosh
X Shrishti Sahay



International School Award (Briefing Session)

Surendranth Centenary School in collaboration with British Council organized an International School Award briefing session for the Principals and senior teachers of the schools of Ranchi on Thursday, the 8th of October 2015 in the conference room. The session which began from 10 a.m. and concluded at 4 p.m., was attended by sixteen schools from Ranchi including one from Ramgarh and Hazaribagh with Mrs Samita Sinha ,the Principal of the host school, who is also the British Council School Ambassador, as the spokesperson, along with Mr. Mrigank Mukherjee from British Council ,Kolkata.

She briefed them about the changing trends of education and the role of teachers in this context, illuminating them about how I.S.A, a programme of British Council plays a very important role in enhancing 21st century skills for the purpose of professional development. She also explained that through the I.S.A , schools not only learnt about the advantages of global citizenship but that partnership with schools over-seas enhanced collaboration and teamwork

The I.S.A Co-coordinator from Sapphire International School shared her journey to get a award while Mrs. Sony Srivastava, the I.S.A co-ordinator of Surendranath Centenary School spoke about her experiences and benefits. AS The briefing concluded the discussion of plans of I.S.A for the year 2015-16,Mrs. Sinha encouraging the participating schools to enroll with the I.S.A in the coming session, keeping in view the immense benefits the schools would get.



International Day for Older Persons

Surendranath Centenary School in collaboration with Help Age India celebrated ‘International Day for Older Persons’ on the 1st of October in the school auditorium. About 50 Grandparents were felicitated for their invaluable contribution to society. A short cultural programme was followed by the distribution of sheets and mementos to the grandparents. The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha emphasised on the importance of old people in society and applauded the efforts of Help Age Society for its tireless efforts in taking care of the old persons.

Mrs. Sonal Mondal from Kolkata regaled the old people with melodious songs. The grandparents left with a deep sense of satisfaction.



Interactive Session by Tejwant Singh Grewal

On Friday the 11th of September, Mr. Tejwant Singh Grewal , an education Counsellor from Ratna Sagar, conducted an Interactive Workshop on Life Skills at Surendranath Centenary School. He addressed the students of Std. VII and VIII on the need to make healthy choices in life. He stressed on the need to be inquisitive and adopt the right attitude towards their work which in turn would help them to decide their goal in life. He concluded the workshop by organising some brain teaser games. This was followed by an Interactive session with the parents. This session began at 11:00 AM and continued till 5:00 PM.



CBSE Mentor’s award to Principal

The Principal of Surendranath Centenary School, Ranchi, Mrs. Samita Sinha was awarded the CBSE Mentor’s award to Principals by the Hon’ble Minister of Human Resource and Development Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani. at a grand ceremony at Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan auditorium , Delhi Cantt. organised by the Government of India. The award comprised a citation, a shawl and a cash award of Rs. 50,000/-. The school fraternity is extremely proud of her achievement and extends their hearty congratulations and good wishes . This acknowledgement of her dedicated service is an incentive to work further with enhanced enthusiasm and zeal in the field of education.



PM's Interaction with Student

On the Eve of Teacher’s Day, September 4th 2015, the school made necessary arrangements in the school auditorium to telecast the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s interactive session with school children from 10:00 a.m- 11:45 a.m for the benefit of teachers and students.



Celebration of Sanskrit Week

Sanskrit Week was Celebrated in Surendranath Centenary School from the 26th of August to 1st pf September. Students demonstrated their competence over the languages by preparing banners, Geeta Chanting, Invocation to Saraswati , Speeches, Thoughts , News & Dialogues in the morning assembly. Several competitions were organised which included ‘Shlok’ Writing , Geeta chanting , Essay writing and Prose pieces. The week concluded with a vote of thanks , with students having revived their interest in the language.


Trip to Tasar Research and Training Institute

Our School Surendranath Centenary School had arranged a field trip for the students of Std X to Central Tasar Research and Training Institute referred to as CTR & TI to keep themselves alert about the practical knowledge on sericulture. There they learnt about the Host Plants, Cocoons, Various types of silk, how the thread are cut and weaved into cloth. This trip will definitely come in handy in future.


Report on Visit to OSAM

On the 26th of August the students of class IX were taken to the OSAM Dairy Processing Unit situated in Patratu. The purpose of the field trip was to go beyond the class room teaching and enable them to get a glimpse of the actual making of dairy products, so that they understand the various stages dairy farming (manufacturing and processing). OSAM is an initiative established by a team of young and energetic entrepreneurs who came together to create a dairy brand which spells confidence amongst the consumer regarding the quality of its product. The company has completed 4 months and is already being regarded as the mini white revolution of Jharkhand. The school feels proud to see one of its Alumni Abhinav Shah as the CEO and director of OSAM who also took keen interest in explaining to the students the technology and details of milk processing.

The trip proved to be a rich learning experience and the students were impressed by the infrastructure and the well equipped modern technology of OSAM.



World Day Against Child  Labour

Surendranath Centenary School organised a rally on Wednesday 12th of August on ‘child labour’ as a part of the multidisciplinary project. Following the directives of C.B.S.E , Posters & Pacard in both Hindi and English  were prepared with messages like ‘Children are meant for classes and not to wash Glasses’. Children moved around with these in & outside the school and interviewed people, asking them about their opinion and asking them to join this effort.


Ranchi School goes International

Surendranath Centenary School carved a special niche for itself when it, under the aegis of British Council was the first school in Ranchi to win the International School Award in 2014.

It followed this up by entering into the Connecting Classroom programme with Cheltenham Burnside School and Sixth Form Centre, UK under the collaboration of the British Council. The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha and the I.S.A. Co-ordinator Mrs. Sony Srivastava paid a visit to the school in July, to understand the system of education and policies followed there. Mrs. Samita Sinha felt that while the system of education and values there were very similar to that of India but theirs was more technologically oriented. In reciprocation Miss Linda Smith, the Head of Business Studies and Miss Karen Hanley, the Deputy Head teacher and also the specialist of Economics visited Surendranath Centenary School from the 3rd August to the 8th. A Colourful cultural programme organized in the school auditorium gave them a glimpse of the vibrant culture of the school in particular and India at large. They even observed a few classes to understand the kind of education imparted in the school. Miss Hanley felt ‘privileged to have spent a week’ in India and found it a very ‘vibrant community’. Miss Smith found the children’s presentation ‘amazing and overwhelming’ and got along so easily with everyone here that they are confident that it will go a long way in ‘building a relationship’ with the school. They also said that coming here made it easier to understand the system of education here which is very similar to that of UK. With this extremely positive feedback of the visitors the school hopes to be the pioneer in Ranchi to embark on a student exchange programme in the near future.



Independence Day

The 69th year of Independence was celebrated in the premises of Surendranath Centenary School. A special programme was organized to remind them of India’s glorious past. The programme commenced with the flag hoisting ceremony, followed by national anthem. This was followed by a brief cultural programme which included a speech in Hindi & English, a few patriotic songs, a mime show, some vibrant folk dances that reflected the cultural heritage of India. The programme concluded with an inspiring speech by the Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha who urged the students to take up the duty of responsible citizens of India.



Cultural Programme ‘Ankur’

A Cultural Programme ‘Ankur’ was organised in the school auditorium on the 4th of August 2015. This was a part of the Connecting Classroom Programme to welcome 2 visitors, Miss Linda Smith & Miss Karen Hanley came from Cheltenham Bournside School and Sixth Form Centre, U.K . The programme included a short dance drama from the Life of Krishna, Colourful dances from a few states, Some melodious songs & a Yoga display. The programme concluded with the planting of Neem saplings by the guest & our Secretary Mr. J. Choudhary.



U.K visit as a part of Connecting Classroom Programme

As a part of the connecting classroom programme organized by the British Council, Mrs. Samita Sinha, the Principal of Surendranath Centenary School Ranchi & Mrs. Sony Srivastava, the I.S.A . Co-coordinator visited the U.K from 10th of July to 23rd July .The first two days were spent in visiting in and around Cheltenham. On the 13th they proceeded towards Cheltenham Bournside School and Sixth Form School at Wander Hill Road. They got a firsthand experience observing the system of education in England & exposure to the policies there. The School is expecting a visit from the representative of the school, Miss Linda Smith and Miss Karen Hanley. The School hopes to follow up the exchange programme by sending some students from here in the coming years.


World Mango Day

Mango day was celebrated on 15th of July. Children dressed themselves in 3 different colors of mango (yellow, green, orange). Masks and badges were made and put up. Drawing and coloring competition was held in the school premises. Different recipes prepared from mangos, were displayed e.g. mango custard, mango cake, mango shake, pickles, etc.


World Ice Cream Month

July is considered to be the World Ice-Cream Month and hence celebrated all over the world. Our school also followed the trend .We also celebrated this on 10th of July, 2015. A talk on varieties of ice-cream was presented. Children enjoyed different flavored ice-creams.Paper Ice-cream badges were made and worn by the children.


World No Tabacco Day

“World No Tobacco Day” was observed at Surendranath centenary school in keeping with the initiative and guidelines of CBSE on the 29th and 30th June 2015.To make the students aware about the harmful effects of tobacco various activities were organized in the school premises like poster making competition ,Nukkad Natak ,Essay Writing competition & Jingles.The CBSE is committed to breaking this dangerous trend of using tobacco. The students of standard 8 participated in the poster making competition and that of standard 9th and 10th participated in the Essay Writing competition.

Students from standard 6th to 8th participated in jingles. All the Students applied their knowledge, creativity and observation and participated whole heartedly in the events with full enthusiasm. The event which really generated awareness among the students was the Nukkard Natak titled : ”Ab Bas Bhi Karo”.


 Felicitation Ceremony (08/07/15)

Students of Surendranath Centenary School proved their mettle with their brilliant performance in the class 10 and 12 board examination. 53 students secured 10 CGPA out of 202 in AISSE 2015 where as 37 students out of 308 students secured 90% and above and 261 students got first division in AISSCE 2015.The pass percentage was 100%. The students were felicitated by the chief guest Smt Jyoti Toppo, Regional Education Officer Incharge of all middle and primary schools Ranchi. The programme began with the lighting of lamp by the principal Mrs. Samita Sinha and the chief guest followed by a welcome song and a dance performance .After this principal Mrs. Samita Sinha appreciated the excellent performance of the students. Smt Jyoti Toppo, the chief guest gave away the certificates and a gift voucher worth rupees 500/- to the students and appreciated the commendable performance of the students and motivated them with his encouraging speech. The programme concluded with the national anthem.


 World Environment Day

World Environment Day was observed in Surendranath Centenary School from 19th of June to 25th by the organization of a variety of activities in which students of Junior and senior section showed keen interest and active participation.

On the 19th, students of class VI took part in a poster making competition while those from IX had an essay writing contest. The next in line were the miscellaneous competitions organized on the 22nd. The Class III students infused social and moral responsibility of conserving energy by putting up charts on the Do’s and Don’ts for this purpose, preparing slogans and charts. The class IV students spread the message of “More trees, more life"’ by planting saplings in the school. Those from V had a slogan writing competition on ‘Save our Planet’ in which they demonstrated both awareness and creativity. The children from Class VII had an elocution contest in which they spoke articulately on the burning issue of protecting the environment.

A seminar was organized on the 23rd on ‘ National Disaster- the ways to prevent and combat it’ where a guest speaker Mr. Manish Kumar Jha from the Geography Information and Remote Sensing System was invited to address the class X students. On the same day classes VI to VIII displayed their innovative ideas by participating in an art & craft competition based on the topic ‘Best out of Waste’. Students from Class VIII also had an interesting quiz on ‘Names and places of National park & wild life Sanctuaries in India’. The Programme concluded with a debate on the topic ‘Organic farming is better than conventional farming for our environment’ where the students from Class XI spoke eloquently on the motion.


International Yoga Day

Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. Our Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi gave the UN the proposal of celebrating 21st June as International Yoga Day. On 19th June 2015 Surendranath Centenary School celebrated the occasion by conducting various activities. The students and the teachers actively participated and enjoyed the divine environment.

Yoga classes are conducted in the school on a regular basis. Children were enthusiastic and realized the potential and healthy side of yoga for the holistic development of a student.



Proud Moment

An Online Course CISELT (Certificate in Secondary English Language Teaching) was taken by English Teacher Mrs. Gargi Pal. This course enhanced the teaching process to provide a better teaching environment to the children of our school. She is the first teacher from Jharkhand to take this online course conducted by British Council. After the completion of the course successfully she has been awarded by British Council in the Award Ceremony on May 23rd, 2015 Organised in New Delhi.



Farewell Ceremony

A warm farewell was organized for Mrs. Suchitra Mukherjee, the Senior English Teacher of Surendranath Centenary School in the school auditorium. The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha and a few others spoke about her years of dedicated work in the school. She was gifted with a memento and a few others things. This was followed by a short lunch.


Rabindra Jayanti

Rabindranath Tagore’s Birth Anniversary was celebrated on 8th May 2015 with great enthusiasm in the premises of the Primary Building. The budding artists danced to the tune of Mome Chitte Niti Nritye…….. And Song Ekla Cholo & few other songs. An English drama was presented based on the poem ‘Hero’ written by the great Nobel Laureate . The students were spell bound to see the mesmerizing performances of the young artist


Mothers Day Celebration

Mothers Day was celebrated on 7th May 2015 by the students of KG to II. The Programme started with the famous quote of Rudyard Kipling “God Could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers”.

This was followed by the recitation of the famous poem of Ra. Jagore ‘Appojash’. The little toddlers contributed their share with a group dance. A second group dance on the song ‘Hey Maa’ was also presented. A Class II student delivered a speech, while a few others recited some poems. To involve the parents, some mothers were invited and treated to sandwiches prepared by the students. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks.


Interactive Workshop on Child Abuse

An Interactive workshop on ‘Child Abuse’ was conducted by Srishti Life Team & Dr. RAJLAXMI from Bangalore at Surendranath Centenary School on 7th May 2015.The Workshop began with a speech given by the Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha who emphasized on the importance of the topic. Dr. RAJLAXMI has three decades of professional experience in the field of Psychology, Infertility and Sexology. She has addressed millions of children across the country on this issue. She gave a brief presentation on this grave issue and generated awareness amongst the students and teachers about the seriousness of the problem. She suggested various methods which will enable us to understand and help children handle this problem. At the end of the session the students asked questions related to the problem.


Investiture Ceremony 2015-16

A simple investiture ceremony was organised on Thursday ,the 30th of April in the school auditorium for the session 2015-2016.Mrs.Suchitra Mukherjee Senior English teacher, who will be retiring shortly was asked to give away the badges to Harsh Kumar, the Head Boy, Taniya Pal, the Head Girl, the student representatives, the respective House captains and prefects. After a short oath taking ceremony, Mrs. Mukherjee addressed the students ,reminding them of their duties and responsibilities towards the school.


Earth Day Celebration

 22nd April is celebrated around the globe as Earth Day. It is a day dedicated to refreshing the Earth’s green environment. The students of Surendranath Centenary School Ranchi celebrated the occasion by planting different types of saplings in the school garden and the school premises. Students also prepared posters and put them on the display board to spread awareness about burning issues like Global warming and deforestation


Farewell at Surendranath Centenary School

The ongoing batch of Class XII was given a farewell in the school auditorium of the school. A ‘Hawan’ was organized for this purpose, where all the students prayed together for good results and bright future. The Head boy Ramit Prakash and the Head girl Mamta Prasad led the prayers ceremony. The day concluded with the teachers wishing the students good luck.


Interactive session on the Skills of Adolescence

An Interactive session for the classes of VI and VII was organized in the auditorium on 14th February by the Lions Club of Ranchi. The spokesperson, Lion Madhav Lakhotia, spoke on the skills for Adolescence and apprised parents about the reasons for the changes in the behaviors of adolescents and the ways to handle growing children. Mrs Sushma Trivedi, past district Governor shared her experience with the parents and asked them to deal with children carefully. The session ends with a vote of thanks by the Principal, Mrs. Samita Sinha.


Report on Art  and Craft Exhibition

On 7th February, 2015 an Art and Craft exhibition was organised in Surendranath centenary school which not only channelized the energy of the students but also rejuvenated their creative ideas. The exhibition was held in the school auditorium. A lot of excitement and an active participation could be seen among the students in the Inter- house competitions. Several competitions were held which included Flower arrangement (VI-VIII), Salad making (IX-XII), Rangoli making (IX-XII). The participants from all the four houses that is Jaguar, Cheetah, Panther and Leopard, were enthusiastic and eager to give their best in the given time period. It was a rich display of vibrant colours and talent. The creativity and potential of the students could also be seen clearly in the models prepared by the students. Overall, not only the craft items but also the manner in which they were presented was exquisite and enthralling. The events were carried out smoothly. Students enjoyed the events thoroughly and abided by our school’s motto “nothing beyond”.


Workshop on Life Skill

A Workshop on Life Skills was conducted in the Junior Building by the Principal, Mrs. Samita Sinha on Saturday, the 31st of January for teachers of Class III to X. As the C.B.S.E is focusing more on the skill education, teachers were asked to adopt a more humane approach towards the student, the thinking, the social and emotional life skills were explained through power point presentation. Teachers were asked to prepare short skit that illustrated the application of these skills in life. The Workshop concluded with some motivating video clips and feeling of having a new vision towards teaching.


The Celebration of Netaji’s Birthday

On 23rd January Netaji’s birthday was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the premises of Primary building. A few patriotic song by the children filled the air with fervor. This was followed by a dance drama like Nanha Munha Rahi hoon,Kadam Kadam Badhaye Ja and Ae Watan Ae Watan songs depicted the fights of the freedom fighters. A speech that informed the students of the life history of Netaji made the day complete.


Celebration of 66th Republic Day

Surendranath celebrated its 66th Republic Day with true patriotic fervor. The hoisting of the flag by the Principal, Mrs. Samita Sinha was followed by the march past of the four houses led by the Head Boy, Ramit Prakash. A short cultural programme was organized to mark the occasion. A speech in English and Hindi was followed by a display of the skills of the Yoga and Karate children. The day concluded with a speech by the Principal, who reminded the students of their responsibility towards the country.


Celebration of National Youth Day

National Youth Day was celebrated on the 12th Jan 2015 at Ramakrishna Mission Ashram with immense patriotic feelings and joy. Students of Surendranath Centenary School dedicated a song to commemorate the occasion.



To commemorate the 127th birthday of the great mathematician Ramanujan, S.C.S celebrated the GANIT Week from 16th December to 22nd December for the students of classes VI to XII. Several activities were held on each day of this week.They ranged from poster making Competitions to quiz, Talks in the morning assembly, Essay writing contest, Origami Competition to see screening of a film on the “Biography of Ramanujan.” The celebration concluded with a lecture on Maths by Dr. M.K. Singh, Professor of Ranchi University, Department of Mathematics. It turned out to be an extremely informative and enjoyable week with students and teachers sharing their experiences on innovative methods in the field of Mathematics.


Inter School Math Quiz

An Inter School maths quiz was organized at St. Xavier School on Friday, the 12th of December 2014. Student from twelve schools participated in the competition with four teams from each school. The participating schools faced an examination test in which one from the Surendranath Centenary School reached the stage round. This group won the runners up prize as well as cash prize of Rs. 4500/-.The prize winners were Vatsalya Singh (IX-C), Shashank Mallik (IX-B) and Mihir Chandra (IX -D).

International School Award

British Council is an organisation that offers various programmers for the schools to get in line with global scenario. Surendranath Centenary school, Ranchi believes in inculcating 21st Century skills among the pupils and has embarked on projects that has accepted the fact that it is time to change and be one of the leading schools of the future. Thus to reinforce global citizenship among the learners the school had carried out seven projects in partnership with some schools of the U.K., Nigeria and Bangladesh.

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Global Teacher Accreditation Award

Mrs. Sony Srivastava has also been awarded Global Teacher Accreditation for her Action Research – “Impact of case studies on building concepts in science”. It was a professional development course conducted by the British Council. The school remains firm in its resolve to carry on this global partnership and move ahead confidently in future.


Visit to Cheshire Home

In an effort to inculcate sensitivity towards societal responsibilities, the students of Std IX along with a team of teachers paid a visit to the Cheshire Home located in Bariatu, Ranchi on 28th November, 2014 with the purpose of spending time with the special children and old people, offering them goodies in order to put across a smile upon their faces.

The students had organized a cultural programme for the inmates and the children of Cheshire Home which gave a strong message to the students of Surendranath that the problems of life can only be overcome if one has a positive attitude towards life.

The sisters of the organization appreciated the efforts made by the students. They were thankful to the school for having organized such an event for the children. The trip helped in honing the skills of social responsibility and empathetic learning for the students.


Fete on Childrens Day

A Fete was Organised on the grounds of Surendranath Centenary School to Celebrate Children's Day on Friday, the 14th of November. Teachers from the junior building joined hands with those from the senior section to take charge of the various stalls. Colourful food and games stalls with placards, delicious food items and attractive prizes added to the mood of fun and festivity that marked the day. Coupons were issued to the children to make the proceedings smooth and easy. The day turned out to be a resounding success. Students from classes V to X along with the student volunteers and the teachers enjoyed themselves thoroughly as it was a welcome break from the mundane routine of school.


Workshop on Professional Development

A Workshop on Professional Development, conducted by Mrs. Paromita Mitra Bhaumik, consultant psychologist was organized in the Ranadeb Choudhury wing of Surendranath Centenary School on Saturday, the 9th of November. It was attended by teachers from classes U.K.G to X. This seminar was very different from those conducted earlier for it did not discuss about a student’s grades but focused on the psychology of every child and how a teacher should vary his/her methods to tackle students of different age groups with varied abilities.

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Campaign For A Cleaner Air

As part of the British Council Connecting Classroom (Phase I, 2014-15) Programs – Project “Carbon Footprints”, the students of IX and X of Surendranath Centenary School, Ranchi today, on the 7th of November, organized a campaign at a petrol pump at Lalpur Chowk to make people aware of the release of the greenhouse gases due to daily life activities and their ill effects on the environment.

In the campaign, the students not only highlighted the hazards of greenhouse gases but also came out with solutions to reduce carbon footprints. The customers welcomed the initiative taken by the students of Surendranath Centenary School.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Cleanliness Month)
The Swachh Bharat, Swachh Vidyalaya Campaign, initiated by the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi was carried out with full enthusiasm by the students of Surendranath Centenary School. Several programmes were organised by both the junior and senior school in the month of October.

On the 15th and 16th of October, the children of class V undertook the mission of cleaning & maintaining the school garden by painting the Flower pots, Weeding, Cleaning & Watering the garden & making placards.

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National Unity Day (Run for Unity)

Surendranath Centenary School proudly' hosted the 'Rashtriya Ekta Diwas' on the 31st of October 2Ol4 for the Schools of Ranchi, withThe Principal, Mrs. Samita Sinha as the City Coordinator. To follow the directives of the CBSE board, the school took up the initiative to organize a multitude of programmes that marked the Birth Anniversary of the iron man Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel. About four hundred students from four schools namely Oxford School, Loyala School, D.A.V. Nandraj School, Army Public School and the host school participated in the events to emphasize the importance of collaborative efforts over individual endeavour, a drive made by our Honourable Prime Minister to motivate our youngsters.

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Social Science Exhibition

A Social Science Exhibition was organized by the students class VI to XII of the school on the 28th October 2014 in the school auditorium. The theme of the exhibition was 'Trade and Tourism of India, and the students came up with some amazing models that not only channelize their creative energy but also exhibited their innovative ideas. The auditorium replete with charts, models & presentations made it'difficutt for the judges who were faculty members of Army public School & Oxford Public School to choose the best. some of the interesting ones included the models of Taj Mahal, India Gate, Palm Jumeirah, Incredible India, Howrah Bridge & Hirakud Dam. Mr. Rarijan Verghese, the Principal of Kairali School, presided over the occasion and in his remarkable speech pointed out the relevance of social science in our life.

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Old Age Home

As part of the school curriculum the students of class X were taken to the Old Age Home. The purpose was to inculcate values in the present generation, respect for the elderly and compassion for human life. They were made aware of the social conditions and the domestic issues.

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International School Award Programme

Surendranath Centenary School added a feather to its cap when it became the first school in Ranchi to not only become a member of the International Award group for 2014-17, but also win the International Award conferred by the British Council. >>>read more

Lac Research

The students of class IX A and B were taken on the 22nd of September while those from IX C and D on the 23rd, to the IINRG or Lac Research Institute at Namkum. The students were first taken on a tour around the huge campus, where they were introduced to trees like Palas,Ber, Kusum,Khair,  Akashmani, Khatber and Sal on which the insects feed and secrete the resin from which lac is produced.

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Teacher’s Day

Teachers’ day was celebrated by the students of the schools very enthusiastically on the 5th of September. They organized a short programme to entertain the teachers and pay a tribute to them. Arrangements were made to telecast the Prime Minister, Shri Narander Modi’s speech and his interaction with students from various schools of the country.


Independence Day

Independence Day was celebrated at Surendranath Centenary School on the 15th of August with true patriotic fervour. After the hoisting of the flag by the Principal, Mrs Samita Sinha,an excellent programme was organized in the auditorium. While the students of classes VI to VIII put up a play, almost eighty students synchronised to present a moving dance-drama that depicted the various stages of the freedom struggle. A speech in Hindi and English and finally that of Principal Madam stressed upon the responsibility of each student towards the country.

Sanskrit Week

From 7th of August to the 13th, the Sanskrit week was observed as per the directives of C.B.S.E. where students showed their hold over the language by reading out the news in the morning assembly in Sanskrit, participating in ‘antakshari ’and skits.

Commonwealth Quiz

On the 11th of August the school organised the “Know your Commonwealth Quiz organised by the British Council in collaboration with the BBC and the Commonwealth Secretariat. More than 25 schools from Jharkhand had participated in this extremely lively quiz conducted by quiz master Mr.Charanpreet Singh from Kolkata with Loyala School, Jamshedpur emerging as the winner of the day, followed by DPS Ranchi.

CCE Seminar
On the 19th of July an inter-active session was held for parents of Class IX to explain in detail the C.C.E. pattern and the system of marking.


First Aid Training
A First Aid training programme was organized in the junior building for students of Std. VIII to X, where they were not only made aware of the necessity of knowing some basic First Aid Skills but were also given some practical knowledge on how to go about it.


A Seminar on Traffic Safety

The Rotary Club of Ranchi organised a Seminar on Traffic Safety at Surendranath Centenary School in the school auditorium on the 30th of April for students of Class IX to XII who come to school on bikes, so that they could be made aware about the necessity of following traffic rules and avoid accidents.

The traffic DSP Mr. Ajay Mishra personally spoke to the students about this issue, suggesting that they should only use bikes after they are eighteen, to always wear helmets and to avoid over-taking. The following of these simple tips would certainly ensure their safety.

Teachers Workshop

A workshop conducted by Father Vijay Kamath Ex- Principal of B.ed College Loyala was held in the junior building which was attended by teachers from the junior and the middle section.

The seminar was focused on how to create and atmosphere among the students that would be conducive for the purpose of inculcating moral value among them. This entailed that the teachers had a very positive attitude, did not discourage any student, motivated the lazy ones to come forward and above all have control over their own emotions. The teachers were also given a few hints on how to conduct the teaching period and some simple ways to guide students in service towards society.


Independence Day 2013

Surendranath Centenary School Ranchi, celebrated the 66th Independence Day in the school premises. The programme began with the hoisting of the flag by Madam Principal, with the students singing the national anthem with patriotic zeal and fervour. This was followed by a short cultural progamme organized by the students from classes six to eight. It included some songs, a speech in Hindi and one in English, a  few dances and skit – all based on the theme of Nationalism and the duty of every citizen towards the  country. The programme concluded with a very motivating speech by the Principal.


Republic Day 2013

The 63rd Republic Day was celebrated at Surendranath Centenary School with true patriotic zeal and fervor. The programme began with the hoisting of the flag by Madam Principal followed by the national anthem and the march past by the four houses ,Cheetah, Jaguar, Leopard and Panther. A colorful programme including some rhythmic dances based on inspiring themes including Tagore's 'ekla chalo re' and some songs kept the children emotionally motivated. The yoga group presented some items that were quite new and graceful while the karate children showed their own skills. The speeches in English and Hindi reminded the students of the task they have as responsible citizens. The programme concluded with the inspiring words of Madam Principal.


Annual Day-cum-Prize Distribution 2012

Surendranath Centenary School celebrated its annual night on the 21st of December in its school premises with a colourful programme that enthralled the audience. It included an English play ‘Heidi of the Alps’ enacted by students of UKG to Class-V, a Hindi play ‘Sadachar ka tabeez’by students of class ix to xi and a dazzling cluster of dances that gave all a glimpse of India, concluding with a scintillating number ‘Jai Ho’. The talented singers of the school sang several melodious numbers that created the right ambience for the cold evening.

The Principal, Mrs. Samita Sinha presented her annual report in which she mentioned the names of the students who have brought laurels for the school which included Gaurav Prasad who not only received the Ranodeb Choudhary award for scoring the highest in science in the AISSCE exams but also has the distinction of clearing all PMT exams, topping the Jharkhand entrance, scoring the 50th rank in JIPMER and the 29th rank in AIIMS .Surabhi Munda was awarded the Amala Goswami silver endowment for the all around performer of class x. Dr. Rabindra Nath Bhagat Vice Chancellor of Vinobha Bhave University was the chief guest of the occasion while Mrs. Bhagat gave away the prizes. Ruchika Bhartya the Head girl, delivered the inaugural address while Ayush Ojha the Head boy concluded the programme.