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Trip to Hyderabad


A trip to Hyderabad was organized by Surendranath Centenary School, Ranchi for the students of classes VIII and IX, accompanied by two teachers, to enrich their vision and knowledge.
The team began their journey on 24th Dec 17. The places visited by the students were the famous GolkondaFort, Birla-temple, Salarjung Museum, Charminar, Snow-world, NTR Garden,Lumbini Park and Ramoji Film City. Famous Golkonda Fort helped students to understand the historical richness of our great country Salarjung Museum’s exhibits mesmerized the students. The most enchanting moment was experienced in the Laser-Show of Lumbini Park. The different performances of Laser Show infused students with the feelings of patriotism. It taught the students about the unity in diversity of India.
On 26th Dec, whole day was spent in world’s largest film studio “Ramoji Film City”. The students were thrilled to observe closely the various scenes, like The Jail scene of Munnabhai MBBS, train scenes of Chennai Express, Suryavasham set and the most enchanting was the sets of blockbuster “Bahubali” movie. They also enjoyed other beautiful places in the surroundings.
At the end of the day students enjoyed a lot in the famous Mall of Hyderabad in Banjara Hill locality. Next day the team flew back to home city Ranchi, with cherish able and sweet memories of Hyderabad City.The journey left a long lasting impact in the minds of the students. It was also an enriching experience for all. The team led by Mrs. Nivedita Verma and Mr. Radha Mohan Dey.
The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha opines that such excursion helps the students to develop Observation Skill and it also enriches their practical knowledge.



Celebration of Annual Sports 2017


On 22nd December 2017, Surendranath Centenary School celebrated its Annual Sports Day Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat with great pomp and show. It was a day filled with enthusiasm, excitement and youthful exuberance. The Annual Sports Day programme consisting of a plethora of sports and cultural events was organized at JAP-I Ground Doranda Ranchi.

Ms.Kusum Punia,IPS, Commandant ,JAP-I, Ranchi graced the occasion with her gracious presence as the Chief Guest. The programme began with the hoisting of the school flag  followed by a spectacular, impressive and well synchronized March Past performed by the four houses of the school. A melodious welcome song was presented by the school choir. Ishan Dutta, the Head Boy of the school delivered the welcome address. The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha presented a glimpse of school’s progress and achievements through her annual report. This was followed by a series of various sports events by the students of different classes that brought to the fore, the talent of the students in the field of sports and games.

The Students from classes UKG to XI performed different colourful dance drill that enthralled the audience. Children from classes III to XI Presented a beautiful program ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumahara’ which was followed by the skillful display of Yoga and Karate by the students.Programes like Paradise on Earth (Classes UKG to II), ‘India Rises’(Classes VI to VIII),Cultural Jhankar(Classes II to V) and ‘East Meets West’(Classes IX to XI) were equally exciting and impressive. The programme was appreciated by the audience. The Chief Guest gave away medals and trophies to the winners of the  various events .The prizes for academic excellence in the session 2016-17 were also given away by the Chief Guest. Mayank R.V.Vishal a meritorious student of class X, received the prestigious Amala Goswami Award for outstanding performance.Shristi Sahay, the class XII science topper of the school was honoured with Ranadev Choudhari endowment. Parisha Rana ,the commerce topper of the school received Meera Choudhary Award.

The chief Guest in her speech acknowledged the talents of the students and said that they have enormous potential to excel in every field. She congratulated the Principal and the entire team for their efforts.

On the occasion Kanke MLA Shri Jeetu Charan Ram was also present as a Guest of Honuour who also acknowledged the effort of the students.

The Principal Mrs Samita Sinha appreciated the students for their brilliant performance and extended her heartfelt thanks to all for making the day a grand success.

On this occasion the 16th edition of the school magazine Expressions was also released by the Chief Guest and the Principal Mrs Samita Sinha.

The Vote of thanks was proposed by the Head Girl Aparna Priya.The programme concluded with the National Anthem.



Proud Moment: ISA Award to SCS


Surendranath Centenary School, Ranchi, has been awarded International School Award for the second time for the year 2017-2020 by the British Council. The award ceremony was held on 13th Dec, 2017 at the British council Division, New Delhi. The award was   received by the Principal Mrs Samita Sinha and the two co-ordinators Gargi Pal  and Sony Srivastava. The ISA journey started in the year 2016. The School collaborated with the schools overseas like Cheltenham Bournside and sixth form Uk, Red Marsh, Blackpool Uk, GHSS Rohillanwali Pakistan and Bankys Private School, Nigeria. It was a successful journey because of the team effort of the stakeholders - students, parents and teachers. The Patron, Mrs. Samita Sinha has quoted "The school received the prestigious award because of the dedicated effort of the students,  teachers and parents".



Interactive Session on Economics


On the 22nd of November 2017, an Interactive Session on economics –as a career was organized for the students of class XI and XII in Surendranath Centenary School.Dr.CSukanyaChakraborty, Assistant Professor of Economics in Nirmala College, Ranchi, was the resource person of the Interactive Session. She informed the students about the wide scope in Economics. She encouraged the students not only to study Economics but to develop interest in it and to apply it in real life. She spoke about the different jobs and the vast opportunities related to the subject. Children got to know that Economics is something that is a part and parcel of their daily life and has numerous scopes .She informed about BFM (Bachelor in Finance management), MFB (Master in Finance management) which is far superior to MBA.She motivated the students to take up such jobs that not only prove to be beneficial for an individual but for the society as a whole. She answered the questions raised by the students. Altogether the session was enriching and a learning experience for the students. She concluded with the motto that -‘Do what you love or start loving what you do. Only passion and love for your subject will give you success’.

The Principal,Mrs.Samita Sinhaemphasized the need of such interactive session of different subjects which helps the students for choosing the right career opportunities in order to become successful in life.



Children Day Celebration


On the 14th of Nov 2017, Children Day was celebrated in Surendranath Centenary School to commemorate the birth anniversary of First Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. As a part of the celebration, ‘School Fete’ was organised in the school premises. There were exciting games like Break the Pyramid, lighting the candle Tailing the donkey, Hoopla, Lucky Dip, Ball and Jocker organised for the children. Winners were given attractive prizes. There were other stalls selling the food items. These stalls were nicely decorated to attract the students. The celebration was successfully conducted and the Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha extended her Best wishes to the students during the occasion. The Students participated with great enthusiasm in the celebration.



Science Exhibition 2017


A science exhibition was organized in Surendranath Centenary School on the  31st of October, 2017 in the school auditorium. Brigadier Atul Bhadauria Commander 23 Artillery Brigade at Dipatoli Ranchi was the chief guest on the occasion. He inaugurated the exhibition. The students of standard IX to XII displayed their innovative scientific skills through different models. They showcased their talent and creativity with great enthusiasm and excitement. The models highlighted the importance of science and technology in our daily life. The projects reflected a great deal of research work carried out by the students in the field of science. The exhibit based  on Energy from busy road, Artificial rain, Electricity from coal ashes, Biotechnology in agriculture, Ecological imbalance, Fun with Maths (Galton’s board),GST calculator, Robotic arms etc were highly impressive and were appreciated both by the judges and the visitors. The models were judged by the eminent scholars of different institutions of Ranchi. The Chief Guest was very impressed by the presentation and applauded the students for their innovative ideas and said that science and technology has become an integral part of the defence sector as well.   

The Principal ,Mrs Samita Sinha thanked all the participants and the teachers for making this event a success and appreciated their effort. She concluded with the words ‘science has become an integral part of the modern world, it is essential in all walks of life’. She further added that such exhibition plays an important role in building a scientific-temperament and developing experimental skills of the students.

  Science teachers and other staff members were also present on the occasion.

Result of the exhibition:




Name of Exhibit

Name of Partcipants


Power Generation from Traffic

1 Rahul Ranjan X A

2. Rahul Raj X A


Tesla Coil

1. Dev Narayan Prasad X B

2. Bishal Ganguly X B


Free Energy Through Magnet

1. Shivanshu IX A

2. Anushk Mitra IX A



Name of Exhibit

Name of Partcipants


Garbage Disposal

1. Poornima X A

2. Harsha X A


Application of Ph

1. Sneha X C

2. Tripti X C


Gas Sensor

1. Ayush IX A

2. Awnish Anal IX A



Name of Exhibit

Name of Partcipants


Reflex Arc

1. Akansha X B

2. Piyusha Mondal X B


Pollination in Flowers

1. Priyanka X C

2. Sweta X C


Dengu Virus

1.Nikita IX C

2. Komal IX C



Name of Exhibit

Name of Partcipants


Properties of Triangles

1. Prathan Nishad IX A

2. Pratyush Agrawal IX A


Application of AP

1. Shreya Acharya X C

2. Utkarsh X C


Application of Trigonometry

1. Kasturi Das X C

2. Rik Raj Dey X C



Name of Exhibit

Name of Partcipants


Robotic Arm

1. Suryansh Ankur X B

2. Shivang Kumar X B






Name of Exhibit

Name of Partcipants




1. Kalash Nath XI D


2. Ajay Kumar XI D



Obstacle Avoiding Robot

1.Atish Mehta XI E


2. Saket XI D



Steem Power Plant

1. Shrestha Karn XI B


2. Atul Jha XI B





Name of Exhibit

Name of Partcipants



Electricity from Coal Ash

1. Shailesh Kumar XI C


2. Rishu Kumar XI C



Preperation from Soya Milk

1. Priti Kumari XII C


2. Muskan Sinha XII C



Artificial Rain

1. Chandra Vishal XI B


2. Vishal Kumar XII D





Name of Exhibit

Name of Partcipants



Recombinant DNA technology

1. Mahdeen Sultan XII A


2. Abhishek Kumar XII A



Life Cycle of Plasmodium

1. Pratima Kumari XII A


2. Nishu Singh XII A



Test Tube Baby

1. Parijat Kishor XII A


2. Shaily Kumari XII A





Name of Exhibit

Name of Partcipants



Linear Programming Problem

1. Abhinav Choudhary XII D


2. Amit Kumar XII D



Parabolic Bridge

1. Arham Anjum XI B


2. Asmita Kumari XI B



Pascal Traiangle

1. Harsh Raj Gupta XI B


2. Shahbaz XI B





Name of Exhibit

Name of Partcipants



Micro controller based stimulator

1. Aditya Abhishek XII E


2. Papraja Apurvam XII E



Diabetes Analysis

1. Harsh Agarwal XI C


2. Yash XI C



Application on Cab Booking

1. Sana Sayeed XII E


2. Nandita Kumari XII E





Celebration of Parytan Parv


Paryatan Parv  was celebrated nationwide from 5th October to 25th October  2017 .It was celebrated across the whole country to boost up the spirit of tourism and motivate people to participate in the activities showcasing the tourism potential of Incredible India during the festive season.

Surendranath Centenary School also took keen interest in organizing in various activities as per the directives of C.B.S.E. to highlight the importance of tourism in the country.

A Visit to War Memorial, Ranchi

Students of class IV visited Jharkhand War Memorial, Ranchi on 10th October 2017. The foundation of this memorial was laid by Mrs. Balamdina Ekka, wife of Albert Ekka on 23rd Feb 2007. It is dedicated to the soldiers of Jharkhand who sacrificed their lives for the freedom struggle. The students enjoyed this visit as they learnt about the important tribal movements, ancient artilleries used by our sepoys, the  Indian Army, and the kinds of huts used by the tribal fighters . Children gained knowledge from the models of Palamu National Park, BIT and ISM. It was an informative trip about the Indominatable Indian Army.

Painting Competition and Poster Making (Splash)

A painting and poster making competition was held on 12th October 2017 for classes V to X in the school auditorium to promote the spirit of tourism among the students. The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The tourist spots were painted beautifully on the T Shirts by the students. The paintings reflected “Unity in Diversity” in the posters made by the students. More than 150 students actively participated which was a grand success.

Trip to Ranchi Science Centre   

The students of class V visited Ranchi’s renowned RANCHI SCIENCE CENTRE on 13th October ’17.It was an educational trip. They had keenly observed the working of coal mines, resources and cultural heritage of Jharkhand. A glimpse of the static models of prehistoric animals created a surge of excitement.  They enjoyed performing various experiments at ‘FUN WITH SCEINCE’. The trip captivated the interests of the students and arouses the curiosity of finding HOW AND WHY THINGS Go AROUND.

Essay Writing Competition

An essay writing competition was organized on 16/10/2017 on the topic ‘Environmentally Sustainable Tourism’ by the students of class IX and X.They focused more on preserving and saving the environment of the Indian tourist places following ‘Eco Tourism in India’.

Quiz Competition

To commemorate the occasion of’ Paryatan Parv, a quiz competition was organized for class VIII.The quiz comprised of three rounds-Rapid fire round, questions with options and audio round. The competition was conducted in an interactive manner by Mrs Nivedita Verma. Students were divided into 6 groups which were named after the famous monuments of India like Taj Mahal, Red Fort etc. The quiz covered the topics of Indian art and culture, tourism and recent development in the field of tourism. The quiz competition was won by The Taj  Mahal group.and the winners were Shobhit Bhalla and Baishnavi Jha.

Slogan Writing Competition

A slogan writing competition was held on 18th October 2017 for classes V and VI .Children made beautiful placards with the slogans written on it which were carried by the students who visited the tourist spots. They wrote slogans like ‘Dream, Explore, Discover”, “Let your soul and spirit fly”.

                         Visited Bodhgaya, Rajgir,Nalanda                                          

A two day (23rd &24th October 17) educational tour was organized for the students of Surendranath Centenary School .The tour was organized as per the guidelines provided by CBSE for the Paryatan Parv,2017( Ministry of Tourism , India).A group of 24 students escorted by 6 teachers went for an excursion to celebrate the spirit of tourism. The students visited the famous shrine of International repute BodhGaya and places of historical value like Rajgir and Nalanda.Students were able to connect with the real world by exploring new knowledge leading to permanent acquisition of learning. On the first day i.e on 23rd oct 17,the important sites visited by the students were the Budha Temple,80 Feet tall statue of Lord Budha and the other temples like Japnese,Bhutan, Tibetan and Thai temples. Students also meditated under the famous Bodhi Tree.
Next day i.e on 24th oct 17 students visited the famous tourist spots of Rajgir and Nalanda.They acquired knowledge while visiting the famous ancient university of Nalanda.They were guided by an expert guide who parted information related to the Nalanda university which mesmerized the students. They enjoyed the famous beautiful White Stupa of Rajgir and many other beautiful places in the surroundings.
The journey left a long lasting impact in the minds of the students .It was also an enriching experience for all. The team was led by Mrs Sony Srivastava.
The Principal Mrs Samita Sinha appreciated the initiative taken by the Ministry of Tourism ,india through CBSE Paryatan Parv 2017.She said that such excursions should be frequently organized to break the monotonous routine of students’life.She further added that knowledge gained through excursions have a long lasting impact on students’ mind.
Youtube Video URL:- https://youtu.be/Dujnr8zxhUQ

Debate Competition

A debate competition was held on the topic ‘Education and tourism go hand in hand’, on 24/10 17 by the students of class X.Total 10 students participated in the competition.  They successfully expressed their views and overwhelmed the audience by their best performance.


As a part of the celebration of ParyatanParv the students of classes VI to VIII were taken to Tagore Hill on 25th of October 2017.. The Tagore Hill is situated in Morabadi. It is a place of attraction for Jharkhand Tourism due to its connection with Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. One can have a view of Ranchi from its top. The children enjoyed the scenic beauty and serenity of this place. This short trip turned out to be an enjoyable experience for the children.

All the above activities were observed and guided by the teachers with the support of our head of the institution Mrs Samita Sinha.



Diwali Celebration


The festival of lights is round the corner. Surendranath gets into the Diwali fervour as the staff and students indulge in ‘Rangoli making’ and ‘decorating earthen lamps’.

A colourful dance ‘Ganesh Vandana’ presented by the students of class I – II. An action song ‘Diwali Aaye’ was sung by our tiny tots of UKG. The speech was delivered by the students of class II.The programme ended by the melodious song.



Achievements in Painting


It was a moment of pride and glory for Surendranath Centenary School when two of its students “Shubham Kumar” and “Aparna Sen” were honoured for their excellent performance in the painting competition organised by the Government of Jharkhand and ISRO. Shubham Kumar received the 1st prize for his painting on the topic ‘Culture of Jharkhand. He received a cash prize of Rs.5100 along with a certificate and a trophy.

The program was organised by the ‘Soochna and Jansampark Vibhag’, Government of Jharkhand at Audrey house ranchi on 2nd October 2017. On 9th October, 2017 the School added another feather to its cap when Aparna Sen received the 2nd prize in the painting competition on the theme ‘Exploring New World in Space’. The competition was organised by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) Department of Space at Ranchi It was conducted during the ‘Worlds Space week’ which was celebrated from 4th October to 10th October, 2017 in Ranchi 



Report on Swachhta Pakhwada


The drive for Swatch Bharat, launched by the government of India heralded a new era ,focusing on schools across the country. This is to ensure that every school has well maintained purified drinking water, proper waste disposal units .Students infact have been one of the foremost brand ambassadors for the cleanliness drive for Swatch Bharat.As per the directive of C.B.S.E, The students and teachers of Surendranath Centenary School undertook the mission of clean and healthy India by organizing a spate of activities spread over the fortnight (1st September to 15 September 2017).

On 1st September 2017 the students along with the teachers took a pledge to support the Swatchhta Pakhwada campaign to maintain cleanliness in the school premises.

The students of Std IX and X were vocal and focused in the debate competition organized by the school on 4th September 2017.The topic of the debate was ‘Swachhta Abhiyan is just a Slogan’. It was interesting and students were able to express their views.

  The students from class VII and VIII participated in a rally to create awareness among the people about the importance of cleanliness on 6th Sep 2017.

The Primary section and middle school children actively participated in the drawing and poster making competition on the theme ‘Cleanliness in your locality’ on 8th Sep 2017. They exhibited innovative ideas to show their city clean and green.

On 11th September the teachers of Surendranath Centenary School addressed the students to highlight the importance of sanitation among children according to their age and gender. They emphasized making hand washing a habit and strictly instructed the students to follow the principles of sanitation and hygiene in the school.

The senior section students presented a skit on ‘Atithi Deo Bhava’ expressing their views on creating the right impression on the foreigners. and a PPT was prepared on the objectives of Swachhta Abhiyan by group of students.

On 14th Sep 2017 Nukkad natak organised by the students of Std. IX-X based on the subject of cleanliness in a slum area of Ranchi. It was impressive and created a strong impact. Song, speech was also held on the very same day by the students of Class VI-VIII.

The programme concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by the Head Girl.

The students realized that cleanliness is the need of the hour and a prime responsibility of every citizen of India. The objective-spreading the Swatchhta awareness and sensitize the students towards the cleanliness of the environment was successfully accomplished.The Swathhta Pakhwada targeted various level of the society.  The programmes and the activities organized in Surendranath Centenary School successfully realized the mission of Swatch Bharat.



Achievers at Ram Krishna Mission


The students of Surendranath Centenary School participated in the Inter School Competitions (2017-18) Organized by Ramakrishna Mission Ranchi. The performance of the students was both impressive and excellent. They secured prizes in various activities. The following are the names of the prize winners:

NAME OF THE STUDENT          CLASS                         NAME OF THE ACTIVITY                         POSITION HELD            

SHREYA                                               IV                           BENGALI RECITATION                                   FIRST

SOUMILI SARKHEL                           V                           BENGALI RECITATION                                     FIRST

PRIYANSHI GHOSH                           V                            BENGALI RECITATION                                    SECOND

SHREEJIT MALLICK                          V                             ENGLISH RECITATION                                     SECOND

ADITI MUKHERJEE                           VIII                         ENGLISH RECITATION                                     SECOND

ALIYA AFROZ                                    VII                          ENGLISH RECITATION                                     SECOND

CHANDREI MUKHERJEE                 VII                          ENGLISH RECITATION                                     THIRD

RITIKA DASGUPTA                           VII                          ENGLISH RECITATION                                     FIRST

DEVANSH PODDAR                         VIII                         ENGLISH RECITATION                                     SECOND

SWARUP MITRA                               VIII                         ENGLISH RECITATION                                     THIRD

ADITYA GHOSH                                 VII                          HINDI RECITATION                                          SECOND

DEEPIKA KUMARI                            VII                          HINDI RECITATION                                          SECOND

SOUMYA DUBEY                               VIII                         HINDI RECITATION                                          SECOND

SAMIKSHA RAJ                                  VII                          HINDI RECITATION                                          THIRD

ISHAAN DUTTA                                 XII                           SPEECH                                                                 SECOND

SHREYA DEOGHARIA                      XI                            SPEECH                                                                 THIRD

APARNA SEN                                     X                             ENGLISH RECITATION                                     SECOND

SHAMA PARWEEN                           IX                            ENGLISH RECITATION                                     THIRD

SATYAM VARDHAN                         X                             MUSIC                                                                  SECOND

ANURAG MISHRA                            IX                            MUSIC                                                                  THIRD

VAIBHAV MISHRA                           VII                          PRATIBHA KHOJ                                                 THIRD

SIRASITA LAKRA                              X                             ESSAY                                                                    FIRST

SNEHA SINDHU                                 IX                            ESSAY                                                                    SECOND

ISHIJA PRIYANSHA                                  IX                            ESSAY                                                                    THIRD   



Visit to Old Age Home

“It’s all about love “. This is a very simple sentence but still has a very deep meaning. Every human being in this world seeks love and care. Today, our students met those wrinkled faces in search of love. They were struggling through infirmity and old age but unfortunately they had no one to love and take care of them. Like every year, this year too the students of Surendranath centenary School took the initiative on 19th August 2017 of bringing a smile on these old and dried faces. They visited the Senior Citizen Home in Bariatu with a purpose. The purpose was to sensitize the students towards the problems of a certain section of the society. During the session both the elderly and the students enjoyed their time together. The students came to know about the bitter truth – the help which was to be rendered to these people had not reached them. Their world was devoid of any happiness as they had been abandoned by their own children. Due to lack of time the students have to leave but not before they made a solemn promise to serve them and be of help by visiting them every now and then. It was a beautiful and memorable experience for both the elderly as well as the students.



Safe and effective use of Internet and Digital Technologies

As per the CBSE notification, i.e circular no. Acad 32/2017, our Principal Mam Mrs Samita Sinha addressed the children of the Senior Section students of classes 9-12 regarding the safe and effective use of internet and digital Technologies. She spread awareness among the students about the pit falls of using internet frequently and unwisely.

She said that children may fall prey to illegal activity or abuse such as cyber bullying or fraud etc. Hence awareness of internet safety norms is absolutely indispensible to make children free to explore knowledge without feeling intimidated. She advised to take following measures of safety –

·         Healthy use of mobile phones and computers at home.

·         Keep password that is easy to remember but difficult for others to know.

·         Update Antivirus.

·         Access only pre selected websites appropriate to their age group.

·         Sensitize their parents about internet safety norms.

·         Only use licensed version of software.

·         Recognize the symbols while shopping online.

·         Should not bring mobile phones in school.

·         Restrict too much use of internet.

After briefing them she also interacted with the students asking them relevant questions. It was effective and enriching for all the students and staff who attended the interactive session.


Teacher's Day Celebration

The students of Surendranath Centenary School celebrated teachers’ day with great endeavour and vigour. The programme began with the auspicious lighting of traditional lamp by honourable Principal Mam and senior teachers. An array of cultural programme including dance, singing and skit were performed by the students of different classes. The Head Girl Aparna Priya performed the classical dance where as Saket and Abhishek of class XI compelled the audience to tap their feet by their brilliant dance performance The students presented a photographic journey of the school with the PPT presentation. The Students portrait the paintings of their teachers in the auditorium which was highly appreciated by every one. The Principal Mrs Samita Sinha ,while addressing the children advised them to follow the principles of Chanakya to become successful in life.The Head boy concluded the programme  by expressing his gratitude towards the teachers.


Pre Celebration of Independence Day and Janmashtami

The 71st Independence Day of Indian was celebrated in the premises of Surendranath Centenary School with great enthusiasm.

To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, our Principal, Mrs. Samita Sinha unfurled the tricolor flag.

The programme started with a melodious song Vande Mataram, Sung by the student of classes VI to VIII. Aditya Ghosh of class VII delivered the speech in English. A mesmerizing dance performance presented by the students of classes VI and VII left everyone spellbound. A skit on women empowerment performed by the students of classes IX and X gave a glimpse of the condition of present day women and their fighting spirit. A Bengali dance by the students of VII and VIII enthralled the students and created a positive aura. The song ‘Rudhiyo Ko Tod Do’ inspired everybody to take steps towards modernism while keeping in mind the traditional values. The programme ended on a value note by our principal Ma’am who addressed the students and talked about women empowerment, the preamble and the true meaning of independence.


Pre Celebration of Independence Day and Janmashtami

Our country India is celebrating 71 years of Independence on 15th August this year. On this occasion our primary section children presented a colourful programme on Independence Day and other cultural programmes on Janmashtami too. Our tiny tots delivered pledge. And many patriotic songs and mind blowing dances were performed by the children. Speeches were delivered to remember our martyrs and freedom fighters and on the importance of Janmashtami. The birth of eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu ‘Lord Krishna’.


Assembly Pledge:-75th Anniversary of Quit India Movement.


On the occasion of 75th anniversary of Quit lndia Movement, the Principal, teachers, students and the members of the school cabinet of Surendranath Centenary School, solemnly took the pledge to eradicate all social evils from the country, and contribute towards making lndia free from corruption, terrorism and inequality on the basis of caste creed and gender by 2022.They also solemnly promised to participate wholeheartedly in the clean lndia Campaign and realize the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation.


The Principal, teachers and the students mourned the untimely demise of Divyan Bhattacharya, a student of class Xll commerce and for ex student Sameer Vishwakarma. A two minute:.'silence was observed to pray for the departed souls and expressed their sympathy for the bereaved families.


Celebration of National Deworming Day

On the occasion of National Deworming Day , 10th August 2017, students of class III to V did various activities to make the children aware of worm infestation. Speech, skit and posters explicitly explained the impact of worm infection on children’s physical and mental development. They were acquainted with the precautionary measures to ward off the adverse effects of worm infection. This campaign was an eye opener to be healthy and fit by taking deworming medicines regularly and maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene.


Celebration of Raksha Bandhan

Students of class III to V celebrated Raksha Bandhan with great enthusiasm. Teacher explained the importance of Indian culture and heritage. The relationship of brother and sister was staged beautifully. Melodious songs of Rakhi filled the atmosphere with joy. Students of class V delivered a speech on the importance of this festival. The programme was held to make the students aware of the pious bondage of brother and sister. The programme ended with mesmerizing songs of – “Phuloon Ka taaaron ka ” by the young budding singers.


Celebration of Van Mahotsav

Van Mahotsav Day was celebrated by the students of junior wing with great enthusiasm and joy.
Small plantation drive was initiated with motivational slogans. Moreover, when our mini orators spoke about the importance of these awareness programmes, it filled the audience with a sense of responsibility that we all bear towards our mother nature.

The programme was concluded with a pledge to save trees and save life on Earth.


Inter-School Creative Marketing Competition

Surendranath Centenary School won the first prize in Inter-School Creative and Marketing competition held at International Library and Cultural Centre on 19th July 2017.A team of four students from class XII - Aparna Priya ,Ishika Dhoot, Shivom and Nitin Shanker participated in the competition. The students advertised their product –‘Winter Wear’ topic given on the spot, through role play with a touch of humour. The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha appreciated and applauded the efforts of the students


Felicitation Ceremony of Class X and XII

On the auspicious morning of 19 July 2017 Surendranath Centenary School organised a Felicitation Ceremony to appreciate the endeavours made by the academic achievers of the session 2016-17. The event commenced with a motivational song presented by the talented school-choir. The melodious tune inspired the proud parents and the achievers. This was followed by a graceful dance performance by the talented dancers of the school.

The principal, Mrs. Samita Sinha in her address emphasized the importance of the excellence academics and human values. The X and XII academics achievers were felicitated with merit certificates and gift vouchers. The certificates were handed over to the 10 CGPA holders and the class XII academics achievers by the school principal. The students brought glory to the school by qualifying in the competitive examination. AMAN PRAKASH cracked JEE-ADVANCE (IIT DELHI), SAKSHI JAIN cracked JEE MAINS (BIT MESHRA) and PARISHA RANA got admission in LADY SRIRAM COLLEGE OF COMMERCE - DELHI. The event concluded with motivating words which lifted up the spirit of the students, parents and teachers.


Proud Achiever - Sneha Sindhu

Sneha Sindhu, a student of class IXth of Surendranath Centenary School has got the gold medal in 7th lnternational English Oympiad. She got the first Zonal rank in the competition. She was felicitated during the morning assembly by the Principal Mrs Samita Sinha. She received a gold medal, merit certificate and a cheque worth Rs 5000/(five thousand rupees). Principal Mrs Samita Sinha congratulated and appreciated her for her excellent performance.


Celebration of International Yoga Day

21st June is celebrated as International Yoga Day. Students of class III – V displayed yoga. Importance of yoga was demonstrated and explained. Students also delivered speech on importance of the day. Students were made aware of the fact that a few minutes of yoga in a day can be a great way to get rid of stress and provide a lot of health benefits.


Bachpan Bachao Abhiyaan - An Awareness Programme

On 10th May, 2017 the initiative and effective venture ‘Bachpan Bachao Abhiyan’ was conducted by ‘Prabhat Khabar’ at Surendranath Centenary School. It was an awareness programme cum interactive session carried out by a team of experts and trained professionals who answered the queries of the students. During the session various problems related to the students’ life both psychological and physiological were discussed. Suggestions and solutions regarding the problems were conveyed to the young audience present. The session generated awareness about life skills among the students and the teachers.

One of the experts Swami Ishwaranand from Yogda Matth said that the spirituality helps the students to establish balance between the body mind and the soul.He further added that no one can make you unhappy if you choose to be happy.The state editor of Prabhat Kabar Mr.Anuj Sinha inspired the students with his thought provoking ideas.

The Principal Mrs Samita Sinha emphasized the importance of discipline and moral values. She stated that education is what remains after the student has left the school. She spoke about the importance of hobbies and requested the students to adapt themselves to the change around them and be confident about themselves. She extended her sincere thanks and gratitude to the team and experts from Prabhat Khabar the initiative taken by them to save childhood.

Such programs are always welcome and serve to transform the face of the society because the attitude of the young needs to be changed and groomed so that they confront the challenges of life with courage and strength and also prove themselves as worthy citizens of the country. The programme was effective and concluded on a satisfactory note.


Celebration of Rabindra Jayanti

This year we celebrated the 156th birth anniversary of the great poet Rabindranath Tagore with pomp and show on 9th May. The programme started with a floral tribute to the Nobel laureate which was followed by the song Eakla chalo Re. This inspiring melodious song filled the atmosphere with warmth and vigour. The girls danced elegantly on the tune of the song.

Students of class V delivered a speech on the life of the First Asian Nobel Poet in Literature. They emphasized on Tagore’s life and how his ideas and ideals encourage the people of the world.

The programme ended with the lines of Gurudev

“ You can’t cross the sea
merely by standing and
staring at water.
Let us not pray to be
sheltered from dangers ,
but to be fearless by
facing them”.


Mother's Day Celebration

On 08th May 2017 , Students of class III to V performed a programme on Mother’s Day to show their love and affection for the most beautiful and affectionate person created by God. The students of class V performed a skit written by themselves. They gracefully danced on the melodious tune.


Interactive Session with parents of Class VI

An interactive session with the parents of class VI was organized on 6th May 2017 (Saturday) in the school auditorium. The purpose of the session was to convey to the parents the latest changes in the curriculum brought about by CBSE, Delhi. The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha addressed the parents and explained to them the assessment scheme for class VI. She cleared all their doubts related to the scholastic and co-scholastic areas. She also spoke about the rules and regulations of the school. The response of the parents was very positive and they openly discussed issues related to discipline and academics. The session proved to be very effective.


Earth day Celebration

On 22nd April 2017 World Earth Day was celebrated in Surendranath Centenary School .Different types of activities were organized to generate awareness among the children. Students of Class III to V staged a play and dance on Earth Day. It was a play to bring awareness among the students to make our planet a beautiful place to live in. The budding singers sang melodious songs on Earth Day.

The assembly speech about responsibility towards the environment created quite an impact. This was followed by a group song by the students of class VIII to help build up a protective attitude towards the Earth. The poster designed by the children was equally appealing to save the planet earth. Other activities like quiz competition and poetry writing also urged the children to develop consciousness and love towards nature. The students participated in the competition with enthusiasm and learnt about the changes taking place in the environment.

The Principal Mrs Samita Sinha spoke about the rising temperature, global warming, and deforestation. She advised the students to implement the ideas evolved during the competition.


Investiture Ceremony

On 21st February 2O17, Surendranth Centenary School Ranchi organised the investiture ceremony for the new students council for the session 2017-18.The event began with the address by the Principa! Mrs Samita Sinha. She asked the students to live up to the dignity of the badge. She motivated the students to exhibit their best qualities while discharging their duties. lshan Dutta was appointed the Head boy and Aparna Priya the Head girl. Kumar Abhishek and Ashish were appointed the Sports captain and vice captain respectively. Students' representatives also received the badge .The four houses welcomed their captain, vice captain and prefects. The event concluded with a pledge by the students' council to serve the school with dedication and integrity.

List of students

Head Boy lshan Dutta
Head Girl        Aparna Priya
Deputy Head Boy Shivom
Deputy Head Girl     Ritwika Soumya
Sports captain Kumar Abhishek
Sports vice Captain Ashish


Students Representatives

List of House Captains

Ayush Kumar Leopard Sumit Prajapati
Mayanl( Priyadarshi Cheetah Nidhi Maheshwari
Shristi Singh Jaguar Mahek Jain
Palak Pragya Panther Aparna Sen
Abhinav Ghaudhary  



Art & Craft Exhibition

On 3rd February 2017 art and craft exhibition cum salad making, rangoli and pot painting competition was held in Surendranath Centenary School. The competition provided the students an opportunity to discover their potential and enhance their creativity .The students were allotted a particular time limit and within that time period they presented their fascinating designs. Students from std. 6 to 8 participated in the pot painting competition. The senior section students showed their artistic skills and displayed their creativity by attractive and colourful designs of rangoli. The exquisite patterns of salad making were equally impressive. Panther house students secured the 1st position in salad making competition while the Leopard house bagged the 1st prize in rangoli competition.The Panther house was the winner in the pot painting competition .The students from Rajkiya Madhya Vidyalay also participated in rangoli and art and craft exhibition.


lnter School Drama Competition

lnternational School Award
lnter School Drama Competition

On 'World Mythology'

on 25th January, 2017 an lnter School Drama competition was organized in Surendranath Centenary School. This event was a part of the lnternational School Awards (ISA) Activity. Being a recipient of this prestigious award the school has been constantly endeavoring to achieve it once again. The objective of this event was to help the student develop a genuine love for history and to understand how the people affect and influence the, present and the future. The theme of the drama that was put up was 'All at the world's a stage,. The program commenced with the school presenting a play based on 'Greek Mythology' followed by Army Public School and Sarla Birla Public School respectively. To motivate and judge the acting skills of the student a panel of three judges had been appointed. The 'judges were English teachers from the host school and Army public School. The performance of all the schools which had participated was enchanting and magnificent. One of the jury members. Mrs. Suchitra Mukherjee praised and acknowledged the efforts and the skills exhibited by the students. The Best School Team Award was received by Army Public School for their excellent presentation. The Best Actor Award was given to the student from Army Public Schoo! who played the role of Karn. The Best Actress Award was given to Vibha Mishra from the host school. The event concluded by the vote of thanks in which the host school expressed their gratitude towards all the participants, teachers, jury members and all those who were a part of this wonderful and marvelous event.


Celebration of 68th Republic Day

The 68th Republic Day was celebrated in Surendranath Centenary School on 26th January, 2017. The students gave their best to honor the valuable efforts of our constitution framers with a series of mesmerizing events. The program commenced with a synchronized swing of arms – the march past presented by the students of classes IX and X. they all felt a sudden outburst of respect for the brave soldiers as the students strode forwards representing their respective houses. After the spectacular march past, they proceeded towards the auditorium where a series of cultural events inspired from the democratic ideals were presented. The slew of events left us overwhelmed and undoubtedly invoked a feeling of nationalism .The school’s choir sang the melodious song – “Teja Tera RangTha Mai to”, which created a great impact . Next we had Tanya of class X who delivered the English speech focusing on the constitutional ethics and emphasized on the phenomenal contributions of the country’s pioneers. After this, the dancers of classes VI to VIII put up impressive show and presented before us a classical dance on the song “Vande Maataram”. The program concluded with Principal Mam’s address to the students which inspired them to be responsible and accountable citizens of the country and with an indomitable spirit forge ahead to make India a developed country.



Trip to The Earth Science and Coal Museum- Class VIII

The students of Class VIII of Surendranath Centenary School were taken on an educational trip to The Earth Science and Coal Museum (CMPDI) Ranchi on 25th January 2017.The museum showcases origin of the universe and the earth ,evolution of man, minerals, fossils, sources of energy and rocks. The students learnt about the coal and its processing techniques. Working model of an underground mine was special attraction for them .

The trip developed inquiring minds and curiosity about Science and the natural world which will help the students to make informed decisions in scientific and other field also.



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