Students Must  Students Must Not
 Bring Dairy to School daily  Bring mobile, C.D. magazines,  sharp objects
 Respect teachers / speak  in a polite
 and courteous manner
 Use indecent language
 Converse in English within school  
 Waste electricity and water
 Take care of school furniture  Litter school premises and classrooms
 Maintain discipline in the bus  Indulge in any activity that breaks bus rules
 Have 75% attendance  Take leave without prior written information


 Areas of Concern  Action to be Taken
 Coming late to School Verbal Warning
Imposition and Parents are informed
Parents are called and student is sent home
 Damaging school
Fine proportionate to the extent of damage
 Bullying, Using 
 abusive language,
Student Counseled
Confession Documented in school record  
Parents informed regarding child's behaviour      
 Bunking classes
 and moving in  the
Warning and extra assignment
Attendance not given for the whole day
 Defaulter at work Verbal warning
Complete the work before the end of the day
 Untidy Classrooms Students to clear the classrooms
 Physical appearance
 (Uniform, Haircut)
Verbal warning / Parents informed
Students sent home if repeated warnings go unheeded
Debarred from attending Library/Games classes (6-10)



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