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Celebration of World Population Day @ SCS 11 July 2021

World Population Day is an annual event celebrated on 11th July  to raise awareness of global  population issues. The  day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the students of Surendranath Centenary school to mark the importance of the World Population Day. Children from classes 6 to 9 participated in various activities like slogan writing, drawing, reciting poems, speech etc. They also prepared ppt on Data Analysis to highlight population growth and it's bad effects. Short messages were delivered by students and teachers. The main goal of the day was to focus the attention of the world on the importance of Population issues. The Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha said that "We can't ignore the fact that COVID 19 pandemic disturbed and staggered people, communities and economies everywhere", hence  she urged the students to take care of their health and safety so that they become  responsible citizens of the country.