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Dance recital at SCS by Spic Macay 15 November 2022

A Bihu dance recital performance under the aegis of Spic Macay took place in the auditorium of Surendranath Centenary School on the occasion of the Foundation Day of Jharkhand. The acts were performed by Ranjit Gogoi and his troop. Mr. Ranjit Kr. Gogoi is a famous choreographer, vocalist, drummer, music director (folk) of international repute. The teachers and the students of classes 10-12 were fortunate enough to witness the mesmerizing performance of the troop. The performance began with the Bordoi Sikla dance followed by the Bihu dance. The audience were awestruck to see the grace and beauty of the Bihu Dance. The instrumentalists and the vocalist brought goosebumps and left them spell bound.

At the end of the performance, Mr. Ranjit Gogoi introduced the instruments used in Bihu dance to the students, like Dhol, Pepa, and Flute. Even the attire of the artists were explained to the children. Keeping alive the motto of Spic Macay he even invited the students and teachers to the stage and taught them a few signature steps of Bihu dance.

A special assembly was also conducted to celebrate the occasion.

Madam Principal Samita Sinha offered her gratitude to the Spic Macay for organising such a beautiful  programme in the school. She said that the school has witnessed several Spic Macay  shows in the past also. These kind of programmes increase awareness about different aspects of Indian Heritage and inspires the young mind to imbibe the values embedded in it.