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PTM along with Art and Craft Exhibition @ SCS 03 February 2023

A Parents-Teachers Meeting along with Art and  Craft Exhibition was organized in the Junior Wing of Surendranath Centenary School, Dipatoli Ranchi on Friday, 3rd February 2023.  These two events, in collaboration, aimed at connecting the parents with the teachers as well as with their childrens academic growth and output. The PTM provided the teachers and most importantly, the parents a healthy and conducive environment to discuss issues pertaining to the overall development of the children.  At the same time, the array of display of art and craft exhibits made by the children of classes Nur to V left the viewers wonderstruck. These included exquisitely hand made items like Origami items, bookmarks, pen stands, rolling monkey, dancing bear and rabbit, toran, photo frame, and exhibits made out of Waste products.

The Principal of the school,  Madam Samita Sinha said that this is the new beginning of NEP. Children need to be involved in arts related activities for their holistic development.