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Role of the Tutor

Once committed to this role, a teacher/mentor does not accept any boundary. At SCS a teacher comes down to the level of the learner to comprehend the knowledge of the students, then starts from that level and slowly upgrades the learner using effective teaching strategies. At every step and each day the teacher handles students with affection and firmness opening their minds to new ways of looking at the world by providing updated information. He/She not only follows the curriculum but also arouses curiosity in small minds and sets the tone of the classroom for interaction alongside guiding them to honest and sincere pathways of life with ethical and moral values.

Apart from dispensing all relevant knowledge, teachers include group activities and hands on learning experience to build confidence in the learner.

We believe, every teacher must have deep knowledge, passion for teaching, patient listening power, good communication skill, strong work ethics with organization and community building skills.

The guiding light of the students, the teacher, inspires students to think beyond and reach new heights.