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Sports & Yoga

Observations show that students achieve better academically when they are physically & mentally fit. The large playground facilitates the practice of team games like cricket, basketball, kho-kho, kabaddi, volley ball, athletics etc. Other than Mass P.T, our sports instructors also guide students to play indoor games. Qualities of leadership, team spirit, tolerance, patience etc. grow when our students participate in games and sports activities. They display their best during annual sports day held every alternate year.

Students of III – V :- It is obligatory for all pupils from Class III to V to take either Yoga or Karate. Classes are held in school once a week and pupils are trained by competent instructors. The pupils are to opt for one of the activities in the beginning of the year and cannot change before the end of the academic session.

A separate fee of Rs. 25/- (Rupees Twenty five) only for Karate and Yoga is charged from the pupils which should be paid along with monthly tuition fee.